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Fifty shades of black

Kim Basinger
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Age: 67 years old
Height: 171 cm
Born in: Athens, Georgia, United States
Born on: 08/12/1953


Kim Basinger, born Kimila Ann Basinger in Athens, Georgia, theDecember 8, 1953, is the daughter of two artists: the father was a jazz musician, while the mother model and swimmer, often appeared in some films alongside Esther Williams. Although she was very shy in childhood and puberty, she managed to overcome this introverted attitude, gaining self-confidence, also thanks to her victory as Athens Junior Miss and participation in the Georgia’s Junior Miss contest. Thanks to her beauty she is offered a contract by the fashion agency Ford Models, but Basinger initially refused to devote herself to singing and acting and enroll in university, later, however, she reconsidered the offer and was hired in the Ford modeling entourage, where at only 20 she also earned $ 1,000. per day. Although she has always defined that period as suffocating for the immeasurable attention that was given to her appearance and the insecurity to which she was still linked, the work at Ford has ensured her appearance in many magazines and commercials. At the same time he pursued his interests, singing in clubs in Greenwich Village and attending acting classes.

After abandoning her career as a model and cover girl, she moved to Los Angeles in 1976 to attempt that of an actress and after a few television appearances between series and series, she made her film debut in 1981 with Wild Country of English David Greene, where Basinger is the female protagonist along with Jan-Michael Vincent is Michael Parks. In the same year she poses nude for Playboy in a shot that came out only two years later, when the actress got her the role of Bond girl Domino Petacchi in Never say never (1983) next to 007 Sean Connery. Noted by Blake Edwards, the king of American comedy writing first in My problems with women (1983) and then as a protagonist with Bruce Willis in Blind date (1987). These are golden times for Basinger, committed year after year to demonstrate its value, which does not take long to be recognized, in fact with the participation in The best (1984) by Barry Levinson wins a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Its attractiveness is one of its trump cards and Adrian Lyne he knows this when he chooses her to play Elizabeth McGraw in 9 1/2 weeks (1986) which definitively launched the actress’s career, thanks also to the famous scene of the seductive striptease that her character puts on for that of Mickey Rourke, handing her over to history as a sex symbol of the 1980s.

After a series of works, among which the Batman (1989) by Tim Burton is Ready-to-wear (1994) of Robert Altman, who had already chosen her as the protagonist of Madness of love in 1985, he joined on the set Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kevin Spacey is James Cromwell in LA Confidential of Curtis Hanson in a secondary part that critics consider convincing, awarding her a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. In 2002 she is directed again by Curtis Hanson as the troubled mother of Eminem in 8 Mile, the success of the film brought her other leading roles in the following years, including the thriller Cellular (2004) with Chris Evans is Jason Statham, the comedy If I invest in you will you marry me? (2004), the dramatic The Burning Plain – The border of loneliness (2008), as well as in supporting roles, such as in The Sentinel – The traitor by your side (2006) with Michael Douglas is The big match (2013) with Sylvester Stallone is Robert De Niro. Despite the years that beauty that made her famous still remains intact and in line with her age, this is what prompted Universal to choose her to play the character of Elena Lincoln, business partner and former lover of Mr. Gray Jamie Dornan, in the last two films of the trilogy based on the novels of EL James: Fifty shades of black (2017) and Fifty shades of red (2018), both directed by James Foley.

The world of cinema also gave Basinger some economic and judicial headaches, when – in addition to financial difficulties – in the early 1990s she refused, after giving verbal confirmation, the main role in Boxing Helena due to the massive presence of sex and violence scenes, starting a long legal war against the production company Main Line, later won by the actress. Kim Basinger, although she has received several awards during her career, has been nominated several times for the Razzie Award for worst film actress including 9 1/2 weeks and Escape from the world of dreams (1992), where he acts both in cardboard and in flesh and blood alongside Brad Pitt.

Fifty shades of black

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