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Someone save Christmas

Kurt Russell
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Age: 70 years old
Height: 180 cm
Born in: Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Born on: 17/03/1951


Kurt Vogel Russell was born in Springfield, that of Massachussets, the March 17, 1951. The show has it in his blood, as dad Bing is an actor (the sheriff of Bonanza), and mom Louise is a dancer. It is not surprising then that his career started very early: at just 6 years old he appears in the pilot of an ABC western series, and at 11 he makes his first film appearance, uncredited in film with Elvis Presley Blondes, redheads, brunettes …: and with the king of rock’n’roll Russell will have a long and constant bond throughout his career.
He continues to take part in various television series, especially westerns and is signed by Disney, which in the seventies will make him the absolute star of his cinema in live action with films such as The Double-Breasted Horse, The Computer in Sneakers, Sprinkle, Disappear, and Shoot and The Strongest Man in the World. All while, in the early seventies, Kurt attempts a professional baseball career interrupted by a bad injury.
Returning to acting full time, always with one foot on television and one in the cinema, he frees himself from the bond with Disney and in 1979 makes another key meeting: the one with John Carpenter, for which he starred in the television biopic that year Elvis – The king of rock, for which it will come Emmy nominated.
The partnership with Carpenter it will lead him to subsequently interpret characters and films that have become cult: Jena Plissken from 1997: Escape from New York (and of Escape from Los Angeles many years later), MacReady from The Thing, Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Chinatown.
The the eighties, for Russell, are also those of The fantastic challenge by Robert Zemeckis, of Silkwood by Miche Nichols and of Roger Spottiswoode’s Best Times. And also those of love with Goldie Hawn, with whom he has been happily unmarried since 1983.
Towards the end of that decade Kurt Russell tries to continue to present himself as an action hero, with films like Tequila Connection (who sees him alongside Mel Gibson) is Tango & Cash (in which it is paired with Sylvester Stallone). Things got better in the early nineties, thanks to the role of Stephen ‘Bull’ McCaffrey in Ron Howard’s Killing Fire and above all that of Wyatt Earp in the western Tombstone: film that, in 2006, the same Russell he confessed to directing himself; George P. Cosmatos, credited director who had been suggested to him by Stallone, was only little more than a facade presence.
The rest of the the nineties flow away in a not particularly memorable way (Carpenter apart), but with the entry into the Third Millennium, in 2001, on the road to Russell comes again Elvis: with Kevin Costner, Courtney Cox and Christian Slater is the protagonist of The robbery, bizarre mix of comedy and action that sees him in the role of a robber who wants to rob a casino in Las Vegas by posing as an impersonator of Presley.
It also appears in Vanilla Sky, is in the 2004 is appreciated protagonist of Miracle; in 2005 is aboard the Poseidon of Wolfgang Petersen is in the 2007 another important meeting arrives: the one with Quentin Tarantino, who wants him in the shoes of Stuntman Mike in Grindhouse – Death Proof and that, after the lack of cooperation in Django Unchained, he also named it for his upcoming western The Hateful Eight, where it will be a character named John “The Hangman” Ruth.
In 2015 he is in the cast of Fast & Furious 7, and soon we will also see him protagonist of the western horror Bone Tomahawk.

Someone save Christmas

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