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A story without a name

Laura Morante
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Age: 64 years old
Height: 170 cm
Born in: Santa Fiora, Grosseto, Italy
Born on: 21/08/1956


Laura Morante is born the August 21, 1956 in Santa Fiora, in the province of Grosseto, in a family where culture and art are at home, the father, in fact, is the writer and journalist Marcello Morante, Elsa’s younger brother. From a very young age she was involved with the stage, where she made her debut with Carmelo Bene, for which he plays in various plays such as Richard III and SADE.

In 1980 she also made her film debut as a young drug addict in Lost items of Giuseppe Bertolucci, younger brother of Bernard, with whom he will then work the following year in The tragedy of a ridiculous man (1981) with Ugo Tognazzi is Anouk Aimée. He is only in his third job when he meets on his way Nanni Moretti, director who more than anyone else put her in the spotlight, first with Sweet dreams (1981) and then above all with Bianca (1984). In 1983 a Morante who has recently started to tread the big screen, finds herself sharing the set with a star like Jean-Louis Trintignant in Striking to the heart of Gianni Amelio. It was at the beginning of the 1980s that, in addition to taking part in Italian productions with directors of the caliber of Mario Monicelli, also participates in some of the French style, which in the middle of the decade will lead her to move to Paris.

In free land achieves success with the TV series Les Jurés de l’ombre (1989) by Paul Vecchiali. A woman of great drama, her stay in the French capital also allows her to come into contact not only with French cinema, but with European cinema in general; this is how she becomes the protagonist in 1986 of the Portuguese À flor do mar and in 1988 the Italian-German thriller A woman’s love. At the same time, she continues to work in Italy too, being directed again by Amelio in The boys of via Panisperna (1989) and is measured with comedy alongside Diego Abatantuono is Fabrizio Bentivoglio in Turné (1990) by Gabriele Salvatores, showing great naturalness even in lighter roles, as he will do later also with August holidays (1996) of Paolo Virzì.

In 1997 he is in the cast of the Spanish The gaze of the other as the protagonist, a sex-addicted sociologist, while two years later she returns to act in Italy, where she wins the Golden Globe for her interpretation in The anniversary (1999). The new millennium sees her return to Italy, take part in a new comedy, Free the fish! (2000) by Cristina Comencini, and win a David di Donatello and a Ciak d’oro for Son’s room (2001), where it is directed for the third time by Nanni Moretti. Despite her return to her homeland, there are still many international directors who wish to work with her during the 2000s, starting with English. Mike Figgis with Hotel (2001) a John Malkovich with Blood Dance – Dancer Upstairs (2002) up to a myth of French cinema such as Alain Resnais in Hearts (2006).

In addition to taking over the reins of the theater, Nello Stivale plays the writer Sibilla Aleramo in A journey called love (2002), next to Stefano Accorsi in the role of Dino Campana. It is directed by Gabriele Muccino in Remember me (2003), with which he received both a David di Donatello and Nastri d’Argento nomination – double nomination that he will receive without winning even with Smooth (2006). The Nastro, however, won it in 2004 with the comedy Love is eternal as long as it lasts by and with Carlo Verdone, whose wife he plays; abandoned the dramatic roles that had characterized the beginnings of his career, he follows in the wake of the comedy also with the film of Sergio Castellitto, The beauty of the donkey (2010).

During these years he also began a fruitful collaboration with Pupi Avati, which sees her as the protagonist of three works he directs: The hiding place (2007) and The youngest son (2010) for cinema e With the sun in your eyes (2015) on TV. Morante also experimented with directing, bringing to the big screen Cherries (2012), with which he won a Globe for Best Revelation, e Solo (2016), comedies of which he is also the protagonist. In 2015 she was awarded the European Silver Ribbon and now fully addressed towards more disengaged roles, she shares the set twice with Marco Giallini in Any goddamn Christmas (2014) and If God want (2015), while in 2018 he is the protagonist together with Rocco Papaleo of Bob & Marys.

A story without a name

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