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Lauren Bacall
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Born in: New York, USA
Born on: 09/16/1924
Dies at: New York, USA
He dies on: 12/08/2014


Actress. Daughter of Nathalie Weinstein-Bacal, from a family of Romanian-German Jewish immigrants, and William Perske, of Polish-Jewish descent, who divorced when she was still a child. An anecdote about her surname: after her parents’ divorce, she takes her mother’s surname – shortened for convenience to a simpler Bacal when registering on Ellis Island – to which an extra “l” is later added for linguistic reasons, transforming it into Bacall. Initially interested in dance, she soon changes her mind and decides to devote herself to acting. After studying at Highland Manor School in Tarrytown (New York) and later at Julia Richmond High School in New York, she begins taking acting lessons once a week at the New York School of the Theater and at the same time, driven by a will to ferro, manages to enroll in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which he must abandon due to lack of means. In the meantime she begins to tread the tables of the stage in the theater and to work as a model and model. And it is thanks to a photo of her that appeared in “Harper’s Bazaar” that attracted the attention of Howard Hawks’ wife, inducing the director to assign her the part of the protagonist in 1944, alongside Humphrey Bogart, of “Acque del sud”. Gorgeous, with an angular face softened by deep eyes and a sensual voice, she represents Bogart’s ideal partner: her creepy charm, grumpiness and aggressive, insinuating femininity are perfectly opposed to the actor’s apparent misogyny. In addition, on the set of the film Bogey and Baby fall in love and, despite the huge difference in age (just nineteen, he is twenty-five years older) they get married in May of the following year, giving birth to one of the most famous couples of Hollywood until his death in 1957. The two will star together in three other films: “The big sleep” (1946, by Hawks himself), “The escape” (1947, by Delmer Daves) and “The island of coral “(1948, by John Huston), films that represent her best interpretations, as if her expressive possibilities were enhanced by the comparison with her husband. After the death of the latter, she was briefly linked to the famous singer Frank Sinatra and then, in 1961, married Jason Robards, from whom she divorced in 1969. After the brilliant comedy with Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable “How to marry a millionaire” ( 1953, by Jean Negulesco) his film appearances begin to thin out, leaving more space for theatrical interpretations not only for genuine passion, but also for the continuous disagreements with the ‘majors’. However, among the films she interpreted later, the dramatic “The Spider’s Web” (1955, by Vincente Minnelli), “Like the leaves in the wind” (1956, Douglas Sirk’s melodrama), “The woman of destiny ( 1956, still directed by Minnelli), “Detective’s Story” (1966, by Jack Smight) a slightly ironic reinterpretation of the American film noir played alongside a Paul Newman who recalls Bogart’s model in melancholy and detachment, “Murder on Orient Express “(1974, by Sidney Lumet), an intriguing detective story based on Agatha Christie. In the meantime, he achieved great success on Broadway with the musical comedies” Applause “(musical remake of the film” Eve against Eve “, which in 1970 Tony Award) and “The Woman of the Year” (1981). In 1980 Robert Altman called her to play the grotesque character of an octogenarian who has kept herself a virgin and who aspires to the presidency of a society of macrobiotics through a campaign election wickedly rical published by on political conventions in “HealtH”, while the following year she is directed by Edward Bianchi in the film “A shadow in the dark”, in which she plays with renewed intensity the part of a theater actress struggling with an unknown persecutor . This is followed by another long period in which her appearances on the big screen are becoming increasingly rare – including a minor role in the Stephen King thriller “Misery Must Not Die” (1990, by Rob Reiner) – to the last noteworthy performances. note: “Prêt-à-porter” (1994 again directed by Altman), in which she unleashes her determination in the character of a former fashion editor, during a chilling parade in Paris, where the most indecent nonsense that advertisers and businessmen happen they can imagine; “Love Has Two Faces” (1996) by and starring Barbra Streisand, which earned her the Golden Globe and her first and only Oscar nomination for supporting actress; alongside Alain Delon in “Day and Night” (1996), directed by philosopher Bernard-Henry Lévy; alongside Nicol Kidman, in Lars von Trier’s “Dogville” and “Manderlay” (2005) and Jonathan Glazer’s “Birth – I Am Sean” (2004). He has published two autobiographies: “Me, Lauren Bacall” (1979) and “Now” (1994). Always confident and angular, always defined, as in the good times of Hollywood, “The Look” for her gaze, dies at the age of 89.


The Walker

The Walker

Role: Actor
Year: 2007



Role: Actor
Year: 2005

Birth - I'm Sean

Birth – I am Sean (Birth)

Role: Actor
Year: 2004



Role: Actor
Year: 2003 Go to the complete Filmography


Drama: 33% Comedy: 21% Sentimental: 9% Mystery: 7%


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The Walker

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