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Two friends

Louis Garrel
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Age: 37 years old
Height: 183 cm
Born in: Paris, France
Born on: 06/14/1983


Laetitia Casta (married since 2017)


Louis Garrel Born on June 14, 1983 in Paris, he is a son of art, in fact his father is the director Philippe Garrel and the mother the actress Brigitte Sy; but Louis’s artistic lineage starts from his grandfather, the actor Maurice Garrel. This allows him to enter the world of cinema since childhood, in front of his father’s camera and often alongside his grandfather and mother. This is how in 1989, at the age of only six, he acted in Les baisers de secours directed by his father. He began studying acting early in his teens and dropped out of high school to take the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique courses in Paris, earning his diploma in 2004. Since the beginning of his adult career, the French actor have been always assigned very dramatic characters, often wrapped in a bellows of sexuality that sometimes leads to bisexuality and others to perversion.

The first film after his studies is Ceci est mon corps (2001) of Rodolphe Marconi, for which he gets the lead role alongside established stars, such as Jane Birkin is Annie Girardot, and novice interpreters, such as Mélanie Laurent. The turning point, however, came in 2003 with The Dreamers – The dreamers of Bernardo Bertolucci, where it reads next to Michael Pitt ed Eva Green, in the shoes of the sixty-eighty twin of the latter. Only a few years later, Garrel is again the protagonist of the student riots of ’68, but this time in a paternal film, Les Amants réguliers (2005), which earned him a César Award for Best Male Promise. Other leading roles in the musical film follow Les Chansons d’amour (2007) of Christophe Honoré – with whom he will also collaborate in La Belle Personne (2008) and Les Bien-Aimés (2011) – and in Acrtrices (2007) of Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. She continues to take part in the work of her father, who always focuses on him as the first woman on the scene, in The frontier of dawn (2008) with Laura Smet, An été brûlant (2011) together with Monica Bellucci is Jealousy (2013) next to Anna Mouglalis and sister Esther Garrel.

In 2010 comes one of the greatest opportunities for his career, international visibility – although it appears briefly – with Les Amours Imaginaires of Xavier Dolan. Back to being directed by Bruni Tedeschi in A castle in Italy (2013), presented in the same year in Cannes. Receives two more nominations for the César Awards for Best Supporting Actor with the bio-pic Saint Laurent (2014) of Bertrand Bonello with Gaspard Ulliel and the dramatic Mon roi – My king (2015) with Vincent Cassel. He receives a supporting role, but a great presence in Planetarium (2016) of her friend Rebecca Zlotowski, thanks to which flanks Natalie Portman is Lily-Rose Depp. In the same year he is also at the cinema with Marion Cotillard in Sore stones (2016) of Nicole Garcia, where he plays a handsome army soldier with whom the woman will fall madly in love.

The following year he was called to play a fundamental role for French and international cinema, that of Jean-Luc Godard bio-pic My Godard (2017) of Michel Hazanavicius on the French director of the Nouvelle Vague, mainly focused on the relationship between the filmmaker and the actress Anne Wiazemsky. An interpretation that earned Garrel a new César nomination and the victory of the Lumières Award for Best Actor. In the same year he found the Cotillard together with Mathieu Amalric, Charlotte Gainsbourg is Alba Rohrwacher on the set de The ghosts of Ismael (2017), a film between the dramatic and the thriller in which, despite being a secondary character to the main story, he still manages to stand out.

Two friends

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