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Luca Argentero
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Age: 43 years old
Height: 185 cm
Born in: Turin, Italy
Born on: 12/04/1978

Spouse: Myriam Catania (married since 2009)


Luca Argentero was born in Turin on 12 April 1978 and grew up in Moncalieri. After completing his high school studies at the San Giuseppe College, he enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce and, to pay for his studies, he worked as a barman in a nightclub. The stroke of luck came in 2003 when, at the suggestion of her cousin Alessia Ventura – Letterina di Passaparola – is presented at the auditions of the third edition of Big Brother. He is immediately taken and, despite not being the last to leave the “house”, he quickly gains notoriety.

In 2004 Argentero he graduates and begins to participate in a series of television programs. He also posed for a calendar of the magazine Max. His debut as an actor took place in 2005 thanks to fiction Carabinieri, in which he plays Marco Tosi in the fourth, fifth and sixth season.

If you do not consider the short film The fourth sex, to mark Luca’s debut in front of the camera is At our home of Francesca Comencini (2006), in which he is entrusted with the role of a supermarket clerk. It is not a significant role, especially when compared with Lorenzo Marchetti’s character who Ferzan Ozpetek makes him interpret in Saturn Against (2007). Despite appearing in a limited number of scenes in the Italian-Turkish director’s film, Argentero leaves its mark, starting to establish itself as one of the most interesting faces of young Italian cinema. Also in 2007, in addition to the TV miniseries The Baroness of Carini, includes sentimental comedy in his curriculum Lessons of Chocolate, which allows him to make people laugh in the shoes of a dishonest entrepreneur forced to attend a course as a pastry chef.

In 2008 begins with Luca Argentero the partnership with Luca Lucini, which makes him go back to more serious tones with Just a father and offers him the part of a future husband in the ensemble comedy Just married (2009). For the actor another important meeting is the one with Michele Placido, what about The big dream (2009) alongside him at Riccardo Scamarcio is Jasmine Trinca and transforms him into the 1968 Libero, a student son of workers. The film goes to Venice Festival and Luca stands out for the intensity of his performance. 2010 is for Argentero the year of La donna della mia vita – another collaboration with Lucini – e Eat, pray, love – Hollywood experience that leads him to share the set with Julia Roberts. In 2011 Luca starred in There are those who say no is Chocolate Lessons 2, while in 2012 he found again Michele Placido thanks to The sniper, of which, however, he is not the main interpreter. Not even And they call it summer (2012) and White like milk, red like blood (2013) give him protagonist parts, as happens instead in Cha cha cha of Marco Risi (2013), where he plays a private investigator dealing with a strange car accident.

In 2014 Luca Argentero attends only comedy, agreeing to star in the blockbuster film A boss in the living room and in Unique brothers, in which he is paired with another handsome of Italian cinema: Raoul Bova.

Among the other work experiences of the actor, who since 2009 has been married to his colleague and voice actress Myriam Catania, we point out the TV series Tiberio Mitri – The champion is The miss is Reason of State, in addition to a conduct of Hyenas (in 2009) and to the activity of voice actor for Hop is Gladiators of Rome.

In 2015 Argentero is in the cast of Us and Giulia of Edoardo Leo.

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