Wiki : Marc Jacobs Story

Marc Jacobs

Wiki : Marc Jacobs Story


  • Full Name : Marc Jacobs
  • Born : 9th-Apr -1963
  • Zodiac Sign : Aries
  • Birth Place : New York City
  • Occupation : Fashion Designer
  • 2002Industry : Entertainment


9th April 2018: Life is made of special moments and moments of despair. Success and failure in one’s life are the two ingredients, which compliments each other like the Yin and the Yang. Life in the Fashion World is ever changing and highly demanding to succeed. Renowned American fashion designer Marc Jacobs is one of the most successful designers of the world. He owns ‘Marc Jacobs’ and ‘Marc by Marc Jacobs’ fashion labels, which are retailed at 200 stores in 80 countries.

Marc Jacobs response

Life is full of surprises! Marc Jacobs has had heartbreak before. He has overcome the failure of his previous engagement with entrepreneur Lorenzo Martone in 2010. On the 4th of April 2018, Marc surprised model Charly Defrancesco by proposing him in a Chipotle restaurant via a flash mob routine singing the Prince’s song ‘Kiss’.

It was Charly’s birthday and the surprised partner instantly agreed with a ‘Yes’. Marc Jacobs and Charly Defrancesco got engaged amidst a group of dancers singing ‘Kiss’ at Chipotle with a kiss and embrace. The celebration continued thereafter. Charly runs a high-end candle business. In spite of such an inconspicuous proposal, the emotions between the couple have touched millions on the Instagram.

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