Matt Gaetz may be close to being arrested after his pal misses him, source says

We are now entering week two of the Matt Gaetz teenage sex scandal and things are looking worse and worse for the Florida anti-gay MP.

Quick recap, in case you haven’t heard: Gaetz is under investigation for allegedly paying women for sex because it’s the only way to get laid. Of course, he denies everything, but The New York Times has SMS messages and CashApp receipts that seem to corroborate the story.

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Gaetz’s boyfriend, former tax collector / accused sex predator Joel Greenberg, allegedly worked as his pimp, hooking him up with women online and coordinating the dates, times and locations of their sexual and drug encounters , as well as compensation.

In at least one alleged case, however, Greenberg did not match Gaetz with a woman. He put him in touch with an underage girl. And that’s how this whole scandal exploded.

Now the Daily Mail reports:

Gaetz’s arrest is reportedly imminent after the alleged victim, who has not been named, testified before a Florida grand jury this week, claiming she had sex with the conservative Republican before she turned 18, learned

The Gaetz investigation grew out of an investigation into Greenberg, who was indicted last summer on 14 counts, including child sex trafficking, fraud, identity theft and stalking. a former political rival.

Greenberg faces a lengthy prison sentence, so he reportedly started leaking all the dirty details about Gaetz to investigators.

“Greenberg sang to federal authorities about his friend Matt Gaetz,” an anonymous source told the Daily Mail. “That’s why Matt is so freaked out.”

“Gaetz is a sleaze-bag who used a professional with an excellent reputation to distract from a self-centered sexual investigation.”

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We would say “panicked” is to put it mildly. Gaetz is in the midst of a meltdown on television and on social media.

Last week he launched a series of frantic tweets denying any wrongdoing. Then he told a reporter that he had not slept with a 17-year-old for over 20 years, even though he was 17 himself.

He also appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show where he claimed to be the victim of a $ 25 million extortion plot. (Carlson later said this was one of the “strangest” interviews he has ever conducted.)

Whether or not Gaetz will actually be arrested remains to be seen, but his fellow Republicans have already started to distance themselves from him. The Hill reports that many of them think his days in Congress are numbered.

“In reality, yes, it won’t last long,” says a source.

In the meantime, here’s what the folx are saying on Twitter about his “imminent” arrest …

Seeing Matt Gaetz be arrested and taken to jail is going to be fantastic.

– William Shakespeare (@Shakesnews_) April 4, 2021

Poor Matt Gaetz is going to be arrested before the prom, isn’t he?

– DallasIndependent (@NeverDotard) April 4, 2021

Now who would have thought Matt Gaetz would be arrested even before Sleepy Joe and Crooked Hilary?

– Paul van der Meer (@Paul_VanDerMeer) April 3, 2021

Matt Gaetz wasn’t on my short list of Republicans I wanted to see arrested first, but I’ll take him!

– JJ LeBlanc is my pen name (@JJLongworth) March 31, 2021

Am I the only one logging into Twitter to see if #MattGaetz has ever been arrested?

– Ann-Marie Poli (@annmariepoli) April 5, 2021

Matt Gaetz is expected to be arrested in the coming weeks, according to a source.

– Jon Cooper ?? (@joncoopertweets) April 2, 2021

I don’t know how to tell you dummies, but Matt Gaetz is going to be arrested before Hunter Biden is.

– Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) April 2, 2021

If Matt Gaetz is arrested, Nestor will be all alone in their big big house.

It will be an empty Nestor.

– Tyler Curtain ???? (@tylercurtain) April 3, 2021

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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