Meet the new gay-hating Senate candidate, conspiracy theorist and witch-hunt


Former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner Kelly Tshibaka has announced that she will challenge Senator Lisa Murkowski for state seat this fall. Tshibaka has already triggered a wide reaction for his crazy positions on key issues.

CNN reports that although Tshibaka and his MPs have already tried to clean up his social media accounts, several stories have emerged from his spread of false information regarding the 2020 election, including debunked electoral fraud accounts.

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“Texas is suing 4 Swing States for illegally passing last minute changes to their election laws due to COVID, skewing the 2020 general election results. If TX wins, the 2020 election results in Alaska can also be revisited: The AK Supreme Court changed the electoral rules for postal votes after our voting had already started, ”she wrote in a now deleted tweet.

And now @KellyTshibaka is openly calling on another state to sue Alaska to overturn OUR results. She wants tens of thousands of Alaskan ballots to be rejected at the option of foreigners. Sedition against the government of which you are a part. I don’t know if it’s embarrassing or terrifying. #akleg

– Scott Kendall (@scooterkendall) December 11, 2020

Tshibaka also called for a pause on the peaceful transition of power to the Biden administration in an op-ed published on Must Read Alaska.

On homosexual rights issues, Tshibaka has an even more alarming record. While a student at Harvard Law School, she opposed the separation of church and state in an op-ed in the school newspaper. She also wrote an opinion piece titled “The Right Side: Getting Out of Homosexuality” in 2001, in which she advocated for conversion therapy (she cited Exodus International as effective in “curing” the homosexuality), asserted that homosexuality is a choice, and attributed the homosexual identity to being abused as a child. The play elicited a strong reaction from her fellow students, prompting her to apologize.

In an interview with CNN on April 27, Tshibaka tried to distance himself from the article. “I firmly believe that we must treat everyone with respect and dignity,” she said. “The student article was assigned to me by an editor as a counterpoint about 20 years ago, and I don’t share that view today.”

Tshibaka dodged questions as to whether or not she still approved of conversion therapy.

In an even more bizarre statement, Tshibaka denounced witchcraft, equating it with drug addiction. In several articles on her blog, she claimed that drug users “were under demonic oppression.” In another, she warned social media fad in the form of a Ouija board that the “Charlie Charlie Challenge” could invite demonic possession.

“Evil spirits are real and they are more than happy to answer invitations to afflict people,” she said.

Elsewhere on her blog, she condemned the Twilight book and film series as “a perfect example of how the enemy distorts, perverts and ridicules the things of God.”

“Some say this book is harmless, that it promotes Christian values, and that it doesn’t promote anything bad. But Satan doesn’t usually look disgusting, horrible and evil on the outside, ”she said. She also called the show “evil and we shouldn’t read or watch it.” (Actually, we agree with Tshibaka here. They’re awful. Sorry, Taylor Lautner fans.)

In his campaign announcement, Tshibaka said his efforts to topple Lisa Murkowski were in direct response to Murkowski’s vote to convict Donald Trump on his second indictment. Under Alaska law, all Senate candidates will run for a non-partisan primary. The top four winners will then participate in a general election in which voters rank them according to their preferences.

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