Move over, Spongebob: Arlo the Alligator brings great queer musical to the masses

April 16, 2021

We assume Ryan Crego’s feet hurt.

The longtime host – known for his work on ‘The Puss in Boots’, ‘Shrek Forever After’ and the TV series ‘Sanjay and Craig’, has come a long way to bring his animal project ( excuse the sentence) Arlo the Alligator Boy for life. After more than 10 years, Arlo’s fully animated, all-musical story is coming to Netflix.

“ Arlo the Alligator Boy ” follows the titular Cajun crooner on a trip from his home in the New York Swamp in search of his long-lost father. Along the way, he crosses paths with a group of circus misfits, including wrestler butch Bertie, fluffy pink maven Furlicia, and tough dwarf Teeny Tiny Tony. Arlo and his new friends must find a way to survive on the road and in the big city, even as a pair of bloodthirsty alligator hunters plot to capture them for their freak show. Michael J. Woodard (of “America’s Got Talent”), Mary Lamber, Jonathan Van Ness, Annie Potts, Vincent Rodriguez III, Flea and Jennifer Coolidge stars.

We hung out with Crego to talk about Arlo’s story, the film’s overt quirkiness, and the joy of the chosen family just before release. ‘Arlo the Alligator Boy’ hits Netflix on April 16.

Video editor: David Beerman.

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