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Natalie Portman
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Age: 39 years old
Height: 160 cm
Born in: Jerusalem, Isarel
Born on: 09/06/1981


Natalie Portman, whose first name is Natalie Hershlag (Portman is the surname of his paternal grandmother), was born in Jerusalem on 9 June 1981, the only daughter of Avner Hershlag, a physician born in Israel, e Shelley Stevens, an American from Cincinnati who will also be his agent. When Natalie was three, the family moved to America and lived in various cities before settling permanently in New York. Natalie learns Hebrew at elementary school which she attends in New England and graduates in 1999. She then studies dance and ballet and graduates with a degree in psychology in 2003. But her career begins long before she finishes her studies. Ambitious and with clear ideas from an early age, she starts first with the theater and then in 1993, at the age of 12, she gets the part of the orphan girl who accompanies the killer Jean Reno in Léon of Luc Besson. The film was released the following year and was a huge worldwide success. The following year he appears in Heat – The challenge of Michael Mann. Roles follow in Everyone says I Love You of Woody Allen is Mars Attacks! of Tim Burton. In 1999 George Lucas entrusts her with the role of Queen Padmé Amidala in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, which will resume in subsequent episodes, Attack of the clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005). After My lovely enemy – for which he gets a Golden Globe nomination – e Here Where the Heart Is, appears in the role of herself in Zoolander (2001). They follow Cold Mountain, My life in Garden State is Closer of Mike Nichols, for which in 2005 he won the Golden Globe and gets his first Oscar nomination. In 2005 it is the Evey of V for Vendetta, from the graphic novel by Alan Moore, where she appears shaved to zero and speaks with a perfect English accent. It is directed by Milos Forman in The last inquisitor and in 2007 he is the protagonist of A romantic kiss by the Hong Kong master Wong kar-wai. He then works with Wes Anderson in The train to Darjeeling. It also appears in the video for Paul McCartney for “Dance Tonight” directed by Michel Gondry (in 2012 together with Johnny Depp it will be directed by Paul McCartney in the video of “My Valentine”) and return to collaborate with Wes Anderson in the short Chevalier Hotel. Tile Dustin Hoffman in fantasy comedy Mr. Magorium and the shop of wonders and in 2008 the role of Anna Bolena in The other woman of the king. After Brothers ed Hesher was here rgives a memorable performance in Black Swan of Darren Aronofsky, which finally won her the Oscar, the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild award in 2011. To prepare for the role of ballet étoile she trains 8 months, every day for eight hours. In the same year he is the protagonist of Friends, lovers and … of Ivan Reitman and of Your Highness as well as Thor, her first cinecomic, in the role of Jane Foster, which she will reprise in the 2013 sequel Thor – The Dark World. In 2015 he is in the cast of Knight of Cups of Terrence Malick, and made his directorial debut with the film based on the memoir of Amos Oz A Tale of Love and Darkness, unpublished in Italy. In 2016 the tormented western came out Jane Got a Gun is Jackie of Pablo Larrain, where he offers a great interpretation in the guise of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, so it is again Oscar nominated. He is the protagonist of Annihilation of Alex Garland and of The Life and Death of John F. Donovan of Xavier Dolan, which will be released in 2018. In life Natalie, who has dual American and Israeli citizenship, has always been a vegetarian and since 2009 has become vegan. She is an environmentalist, a supporter of the Democratic Party and involved in many causes in favor of developing countries. In 2009 on the set de The black Swan knows the French dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied and marries him in a reserved Jewish ceremony. He has his son with him in 2011 Aleph Portman-Millepied. Since 2016, after an interlude in Paris, the couple has lived in Los Angeles, and in September 2016 announced they are expecting a second child.

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To dream is to live

To dream is to live (A Tale of Love and Darkness)

Role: Film director
Year: 2015

New York, I Love You

New York, I Love You

Role: Film director
Year: 2008

Thor 4: Love and Thunder

Thor 4: Love and Thunder (Thor: Love and Thunder)

Role: Actress
Year: 2022

Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky

Role: Actress
Year: 2019 Go to the Complete Filmography


Drama: 34% Comedy: 11% Action: 9% Adventure: 8%


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Movie Role

Thor 4: Love and Thunder

Jane Foster / Thor

Lucy in the Sky

Lucy Cola

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