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Age: 57 years old
Height: 183 cm
Born in: Long Beach, California, USA
Born on: 07/01/1964


Nicolas Kim Coppola was born in 1964 in California, son of the university professor August Coppola, brother of the famous Francis Ford Coppola, and a dancer and choreographer, Joy Vogelsang. In the family art and creativity are breathed, so that soon Nicolas, seems struck by the James Dean of The valley of Eden, he enrolled at Beverly Hills High School, where many of the personalities of the show business made in the USA were trained. Inspired by the Marvel character named Luke Cage, decides to use his as a surname of art, to cover that “Coppola” who at the beginning of the eighties it can only smell of nepotism.
Not that his uncle doesn’t help him: if the first film role is to The girl from San Diego (1983), is in the cast of Rusty the savage (1983) with Matt Dillon and it will also be in the choir Cotton Club (1984) and in Peggy Sue got married (1987), alongside Kathleen Turner. After the start, already in the second half of the Eighties Cage entered a positive crescendo: in 1987 he obtained one Golden Globe nominations for the romantic Bewitched by the moon with Cher, and discovers his interpretative madness (in the future a harbinger of merciless teasing on the net) in the delusional Arizona Junior of the Coen brothers. The following year he falls in love with the actress and singer Christina Fulton, who will give birth to her first child, Weston, in 1990. Just in 1990 Nic is Sailor in the cult Wild Heart of David Lynch, divided with Laura Dern. Nicolas then ventures into alternate commitments, including the erotic Zandalee (1991), the comedy by I play the wife in Vegas (1992, another Golden Globe nomination), and the first excursus in action / noir, with Apache – Rain of fire is Amos & Andrew with Samuel Jackson.
It is the prelude to a triumphal second half of the the nineties: L’Oscar and the Golden Globe for the intimate dramatic Away from Las Vegas (1995) are a bit of a symbol of his favorite, self-destructive and over the top interpretation: here he is in the role of an alcoholic. It’s a good time: it marries with Patricia Arquette, from which she will divorce in 2001. At the same time she is guarantee for the box office with action typical of the period such as the triplet consisting of With Air, The Rock (there is Sean Connery!) is Face / Off (1997) of John Woo, divided in tandem with a rediscovery John Travolta.
The streak continues in early 2000s, when he takes the cinema more seriously Frank Capra that he loves so much, interpreting The Family Man (2000), Captain Corelli’s mandolin (2001) and The Weather Man (2005). In between in 2002 a double Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for the excellent double role in Adaptation – The orchid thief and the only unfortunate direction by Sonny, with James Franco, unpublished in Italy. 2002 is sentimentally troubled: her second marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, lasts just three months. It also becomes Ben Franklin in Disney’s family adventure series, consisting of The mystery of the Templars (2004) and The mystery of the lost pages (2007). Precisely in this time window, when in 2005 he the second son Kal-El (original name of Superman!) from the third wife Alice Kim, something cracks.
In 2006 he wins for the first time a double Razzie Award for The chosen one (2006): Worst actor and worst couple on screen (him and the bear costume). It is the beginning of a descending parable that only every now and then (Kick-Ass, one entry for The Croods) seems to stop. In 2009 the IRS, the American Finance, impeached him for tax evasion, and the situation worsens: i Raids continue to haunt him as one of the worst actors around, overwhelming him with “antipremi” for Next, The mystery of the lost pages, Ghost Rider is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Drive Angry, The last of the Templars, Trespass, Just for vengeance, Left Behind – The prophecy. A stone thrower. In 2011 he was arrested for domestic violence (later acquitted) on his then wife Alice Kim, and in the same year he must sell his original copy of Action Comics # 1 (1938), first appearance of the beloved Superman, for over 2 million dollars, in order to pay off the many debts.
2016 sees him among the protagonists of Snowden, The corrupt is USS Indianapolis, after legalizing the separation from his wife Alice.


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