None of Trump’s senior cabinet members can find jobs

In January, it was reported that many former Trump staff found themselves unemployed after spending four years in the service of the most hateful and homophobic presidential administration in American history. Now the Washington Post reports that the most senior members of Trump’s cabinet cannot get jobs either.

WaPo Reports:

Several former Trump officials told the Washington Post the work climate was even tougher than they thought, and former Vice President Mike Pence and Trump kept a coterie of employees still on their payrolls. , some because they could not find another job.

Former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao had no luck finding any large companies interested in working with her. And former Attorney General Bill Barr, who was once “an elite board member,” can’t even convince his former law firm to rehire him.

After several months of testing, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “has yet to take on any branded corporate work” other than a gig as a contributor to Fox News. And Trump’s fourth chief of staff, Mark Meadows, became so desperate for a job, any job, that he was considering a job with the Trump organization.

WaPo Reports:

While the small numbers make comparisons difficult, the companies also don’t seem to have an immediate interest in other senior officials in the Trump administration. According to data from Insightia, which provides information to shareholders, about half of the S&P 500 companies have filed their investor disclosure reports for 2021, listing a total of 108 new or potential board members. No member of the Trump cabinet who served in the last quarter of his term is among the nominees.

“Boards don’t need problems or criticism,” said one headhunter. “If you want to stay away from all of this potential tarnish, it’s easy: you just don’t get close to it.”

Ultimately, working for a dude who stoked hatred and bigotry and helped incite a deadly insurgency, the US Capitol doesn’t look so hot on a resume. Go figure it out.

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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