PHOTOS: Timothée Chalamet tells fans he ‘plays with himself all day’, shares proof

For someone whose groundbreaking role in Call Me By Your Name involved this fishing scene, we hope Timothée Chalamet knows a thing or two about it.

And like so many others still under partial pandemic restrictions (whether they admit it or not), the Dune star has spent an entire day playing with himself.

Chalamet even took to Instagram to share his accomplishment, writing in no uncertain terms:

“I played with myself all day.”

Of course, he was referring to her Dune figure, sitting on her coffee table as she was about to embark on an epic battle across the living room floor to restart the WiFi. He also shared snaps of it on the couch and playing the guitar – just another day in paradise.

Over 2.5 million people liked the photo (or caption), and commentators were quick to tell Timmy about its double meaning. We’re pretty sure that was the goal, but it’s good to know his fans are so top notch.

Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart had a simple reaction: “Timmy,” did she write approvingly… disapprovingly?

“TIMOTHY THE WORDS. CHOOSE THEM CAREFULLY, ”warned another quite loudly.

“Timmy that sounds bad,” wrote another.

You can also play with Chalamet all day long if you pay $ 19.99 for the figure. Just be careful – the seller warns of a “choking hazard”.

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