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Ron Howard
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Age: 67 years old
Height: 175 cm
Born in: Duncan, Oklahoma, United States
Born on: 01/03/1954


The real name of Ron Howard it is not Ron Howard and not even Ronald William Howard, but Ronald William Beckenholdt. Ron, born in Duncan (Oklahoma) on March 1, 1954, is a child of art: his mother, Jean Speegle Howard, was an American actress, while her father, the director, scriptwriter and actor Rance Howard, changed his surname from Beckenholdt to Howard for his career in the world of cinema. After Ron’s birth, the entire family moved to Hollywood in 1958, where they stayed for three years and then moved to Burbank, Los Angeles. Yet it is precisely in these years that little Ron begins acting first by appearing in an episode of On the edge of reality (1959), then taking part in the sitcom from 1960 to 1968 The Andy Griffith Show, where is Opie, the son of the protagonist, credited to the times as Ronny Howard. These television roles are soon followed by cinema ones, in fact after appearing in it Travel (1959) by Anatole Litvak, Ronny receives the part of the stutterer Winthrop Paroo in Gang leader (1962) with Robert Preston is Shirley Jones. He will meet the latter the following year on the set of A girlfriend for dad (1963) by Vincente Minnelli, where little Ron is the son of Glenn Ford. After graduating from John Burroughs High School, he attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, a degree he never earned.

With an acting career started from an early age, Ron Howard amasses enough experience in the first decade of his life to become a baby idol, without ever having a drop in salaries. This is how in the 70s, the teenager Howard finds himself on TV ne The Smith family (1971), as the fifteen-year-old son of Henry Fonda is Janet Blair. At the cinema, however, he was the protagonist before the comedy of George Lucas, American Graffiti (1973), then westerns Henry Spikes’ gang (1974) by Richard Fleischer is The gunslinger of Don Siegel – the latter earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The Seventies also marked the beginning of two parallel and different paths for Howard: in 1974 he joined the cast of the cult series Happy Days (1974) as Richie Cunningham, earning world fame and a Golden Globe, and in 1977 directed (and starred in) his first film, the box office success Watch out for that crazy Rolls Royce. He resumes his previous role in American Graffiti 2 (1979) and this can be defined as his last acting role in the cinema – from here he will appear sporadically in his own directories or will lend his voice to the maximum, such as the dubbing of Osmosis Jones (2001). By now determined to undertake exclusively the direction of direction, he also abandons the role of friend of Fonzie, although that of Richie is the character to which he himself will remain most attached and to whom world viewers will most associate the face of Ron Howard.

The second film directed by the red director, Night Shift – Night shift (1982), is a successful comedy starring a very young man Michael Keaton and an old acquaintance of Howard, Henry Winkler, who in Happy Days played just Fonzie. From this moment on, Howard, after having shot some TV series, is fully dedicated to cinema, delivering great successful films to history. In addition to fame, however, the first awards also arrive and so the director is nominated as Best Director at the Saturn Award for Splash – A mermaid in Manhattan (1984), blockbuster film with Tom Hanks, and won a youth award at the Venice Film Festival with sci-fi Cocoon – The energy of the universe (1985). These are years in which the filmmaker loves to experiment with genres, measuring himself with different types and bringing to the big screen a vastness of films ranging from comedy to Gung Ho – The Japanese are coming (1986) to the fantasy of Willow (1988), touching on a wide range of themes without being too pompous, such as the various moments of a family life in Relatives, friends and lots of troubles (1989), a comedy supported by a large cast.

Although several of Howard’s works had already received Oscar nominations for actors or screenplay, in 1991 the action movie Killing fire (1991) won three for sound, sound editing and special effects, consecrating the film as a masterpiece of the genre in the early nineties. Although he has not exalted the criticism, Rebellious hearts (1992) a western love story, was positively received by the public, also due to the presence of the then newlyweds Tom Cruise is Nicole Kidman. Howard is not slow to raise the spirits of the critics and does so with Assault Chroniclers (1994), where he again directs Keaton. The most significant point touched by the director in this decade is, however, Apollo 13 (1995), the sci-fi adventure starring Hanks included by The New York Times among the 1000 best films of all time. The film receives nine Academy nominations – two of which won – four Golden Globe Awards – including Best Director – and many more. After revolutionizing the world of space movies, Howard is preparing to close the 90s with the thriller Ranson – The ransom (1996) with Mel Gibson and comedy And TV (1999) with Matthew McConaughey.

The Third Millennium opens in the best way, even better than the previous one, Howard brings his “anti-Christmas” Christmas film to the big screen. The Grinch (2000), which, thanks also to the masterful interpretation of Jim Carrey, in a short time it becomes a cult movie and the green creature with a Machiavellian smile part of pop culture. One of the filmmaker’s abilities is to outdo himself and who could beat Ron Howard’s The Grinch if not Ron Howard himself? And it does so in 2001 with A Bautiful Mind, bio-pic with Russell Crowe as Nobel laureate John Nash, a mathematician suffering from schizophrenia. A film that triumphs both at the box office and with critics, allowing the director to win the Oscar for directing and for Best Film. Such a glittering period is followed by a less triumphal one, which is framed by the western The Missing (2003), not as well received as expected, and another bio-pic featuring Crowe, Cinderella Man – A Reason to Struggle (2005), which, despite excellent critical reviews, did not have the same reach as the previous Howard-Crowe collaboration.

In 2006 Howard launched himself into directing the adaptation of Da Vinci’s code, best-seller written by Dan Brown, who divided the critics (blamed by the Catholic Church) and who, thanks to the success of the book and the uproar caused, has attested an excellent commercial income. Howard will also direct the sequels, Angels and Demons (2009), shot in Rome, e Hell (2016), shot in part in Florence and Venice, but the curiosity caused by the first film has waned over time, while still maintaining a large number of fans of the collaboration between Howard and Brown. The director is back in the running for the Oscars with Frost / Nixon – The duel (2008), historical film that receives five nominations from the Academy and certifies the 2008 record in its release weekend. Comedy follows The dilemma (2011) with Vince Vaughn is Kevin James, which goes unnoticed, and the bio-pic Rush (2013) about Formula 1 stars James Hunt and Niki Lauda, ​​played by Daniel Brühl is Chris Hemsworth. The latter is also the protagonist of the flop Heart of the Sea – The origins of Moby Dick (2015), on the events of 1820 at the Essex whaler that inspired Herman Melville in the writing of “Moby Dick”. After paying homage to the five boys from Liverpool with the documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years (2016), Howard is approached to direct the spin-off Solo: A Star Wars Story, a film from the universe of Star Wars about the character of Han Solo as a young man. The 2000s also saw him return to TV both as a series narrator Arrested Development – Meet my parents (2003) and as a producer of Genius (2016), for which he also directed an Emmy Award nominated episode.


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