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Rock of Ages

Russell Brand
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Age: 45 years
Height: 185 cm
Born in: Grays, Great Britain
Born on: 04/06/1975


Showman, radio host, activist, writer and producer, Russell Brand he was born the June 4, 1975 in Grays, England. Her long and disheveled hair, her rebellious look and the lived-in look are just a few clues to her turbulent youth, which began with the divorce of her parents when she was only six months old and marked by a difficult childhood, during which she also suffered a sexual abuse by a teacher. And the problems do not end there, but increase with the years as the inconveniences grow, in fact, due to misunderstandings and quarrels with the mother’s partner. at the age of sixteen he decided to leave home and the massive consumption of drugs dates back to this period. Among the many interests that he will develop in adulthood, there is certainly acting, a passion born among the school desks thanks to school productions, then increased with the registration first to the Grays School Media Arts College and later to Italy. Conti Academy of Theater Arts, from which he was expelled for drug use and poor attendance at courses.

His debut comes as a stand-up comedian in Edinburgh and later on TV, where he moves between the sets of the series The Bill (1994) and Mud (1994) and conducting some programs for MTV. It is precisely on the small screen that Brand spends his first years of career, which he also reserves for running the MTV Video Music Award, but to entertainment he combines acting and participation in various television productions, where, although he covers small roles, he manages to make space, gaining experience. Opinionist, sometimes too much on the lines, of several TV Shows, the career of the Englishman seems destined for this position. In fact, initially cinema does not seem to involve him, but after a small initial part in the fairy tale Penelope (2006), he was given his first major role in St. Trinian’s, where he plays the petty criminal Flash Harry. Brand achieved American fame in 2008, when he took part in the comedy Don’t dump me of Nicholas Stoller as singer Aldous Snow, sharing the set with three other co-stars: Jason Segel, Kristen Bell is Mila Kunis. In the same year he joined Adam Sandler in Enchanted tales (2008), while in 2010 Stoller wants him back as the protagonist together with Jonah Hill of Traveling with a rock star, in that the actor, maintaining his alternative verve, plays again the role of the character of Aldous Snow.

The dramatic follows this roundup of comedies The Tempest (2010), adapted by Julie Taymor of the homonymous Shakespearean work with Felicity Jones ed Helen Mirren. Perhaps the only note of drama in his film career, given that already in 2011 he returns to entertain the public with the playboy character Arthur Bach in Arturo, in which he finds Mirren and two other colleagues on the set, Jennifer Garden is Greta Gerwig. Yet Brand’s acting seems inexorably linked to music, especially rock; it may be due to the appearance of beautiful and cursed, but after Enchanted Tales, the director Adam Shankman he wants it in the film adaptation of the well-known Broadway musical, Rock of Ages (2012), in which Brand, in the double role of narrator and character agens, works side by side with Tom Cruise is Alec Baldwin. After taking part in the film Paradise (2013) of Diablo Cody, the English actor is invested with the highest religious role in the world of cinema, that of God, in Me, God and Bin Laden (2016), satirical comedy in which in the white guise of the Most High he appears to a failure Nicolas Cage to order him to capture Osama Bin Laden.

For the big screen Brand has also repeatedly tried his hand at dubbing with the character of Doctor Nefario in Despicable Me (2010) and 2 (2013), also lending the voice to the main character of the live-action Hop (2011), the little rabbit CP

Rock of Ages

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Murder on the Nile

Death on the Nile

Role: Actor
Year: 2020

Me, God and Bin Laden

Me, God and Bin Laden (Army of One)

Role: Actor
Year: 2016

despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2

Role: Actor
Year: 2013



Role: Actor
Year: 2013 Go to the complete Filmography


Comedy: 42% Family: 15% Drama: 11% Animation: 11%


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Murder on the Nile

Me, God and Bin Laden


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