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The first man

Ryan Gosling
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Age: 40 years
Height: 184 cm
Born in: London, Ontario, Canada
Born on: 12/11/1980

Sons: Esmeralda Amada Gosling, Amada Lee Gosling


Ryan Thomas Gosling was born in London, in the Canadian region of Ontario, on November 12, 1980. His parents are both Mormons and their beliefs influence the childhood of the future actor, who later confessed that he never fully embraced the precepts. of family religion. Due to the itinerant work of his father, the little one Ryan he often changes city, then his mom and dad get divorced and ours goes to live with his mother.

When I was a child Gosling is struck by Dick Tracy and decides to devote his life to acting, but the early years prove to be very problematic for him. Bullied in elementary school, he is removed from school, after a suspension and due to attention deficit disorder, and home schooled. He then attended high school, but, at the age of seventeen, he left his studies to devote himself entirely to the profession that he still carries out with great passion today. However, his career began in early adolescence, when, at the age of thirteen, he joined the television program The Mickey Mouse Club, in which – between ’93 and ’95 – he is presenter, singer and dancer.

The famous program is followed by participation in several fairly well-known TV series – such as Are you afraid of the dark? is Little shivers – and, in ’97, the film debut in the fantastic My friend Frankenstein. The next movie is The taste of victory, even if the consecration comes with The Believer, the story of a young neo-Nazi skinhead from the suburbs named Daniel Balint. The intense and vibrant performance of Ryan Gosling in the first direction of Henry Bean leaves everyone breathless, and the film makes a name for itself in the festival circuits, even if it does not record a noteworthy collection. Just a year goes by and Ryan alongside Sandra Bullock in the thriller Formula for a crime, bonding emotionally to her despite the age difference. A new love (Rachel McAdams) and a new success rain from the sky with the romantic and poignant The pages of our life, adaptation of a novel by Nicholas Sparks that conquers a large slice of the US female audience. This entertainment product is not so much in contrast to it The Thomas Crawford case – in which the actor acts with Anthony Hopkins – how much Half Nelson, which features a drug addict professor and which leads to Gosling the Oscar nomination.

Another winning shot – resulting in a Golden Globe nomination – is for Ryan Lars is a girl of his own, in which an introverted twenty-seven-year-old gets engaged to a real doll and introduces her to friends and relatives, passing her off as a woman of flesh and blood. We are in the territory of independent cinema, beaten by Ryan Gosling also in 2010 both with the little known Love & Secrets that with Blue Valentine, chronicle of the end of a marriage interpreted by Michelle Williams and first collaboration between the actor e Derek Cianfrance, which he will direct Ryan also in 2012 in Like a thunder (film that will mark the birth of his relationship Eva Mendes).

After having enjoyed teaching seduction lessons a Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid Love, Gosling ventures into perhaps the most famous role of his career: that of the car driver and stuntman of Drive, lucky movie of Nicholas Winding Refn which immediately becomes a cult phenomenon. The two artists will join forces again in 2013 for Only God forgives, and something of the brilliant Danish director’s cinema will eventually influence the directorial debut of Ryan Gosling: that Lost River which also owes some suggestions to David Lynch more dreamlike.

Third film of 2011 is The ides of March, in which the actor is lucky enough to duet with George Clooney, while Gangster Squad it gives him the opportunity to confront himself with Sean Penn, Josh Brolin ed Emma Stone, with which it will pair well in La La Land, for which it comes Oscar nominee 2017 as best leading actor. Another choral story, as well as an opportunity to find excellent professional partners, is for Ryan The big bet, which comes just before the buddy movie with Russell Crowe The Nice Guys and the aforementioned musical by Damien Chazelle. With the director of Whiplash Gosling will work soon in the biopic on Neil Armstrong First Man. Do not forget, in its future, the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049.

The first man

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Lost River

Lost River

Role: Film director
Year: 2014

The Actor

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Year: 2021

The Gray Man

The Gray Man

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Year: 2021

First Man - The First Man

First Man – First Man

Role: Actor
Year: 2018 Go to the complete Filmography


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