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Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor Wiki & Biography


  • Full Name :
    Sonam Kapoor
  • Born :
    9th-Jun -1985
  • Zodiac Sign :
  • Birth Place :
  • Occupation :


  • Industry :


In Bollywood, star kids are born on a silver platter. If these kids have great looks and acting genes in them, they become hot property for filmmakers and producers. Success follows them, irrespective of their initial and repeated failures.

Sonam Kapoor was born with a silver spoon. The genetic influence of successful actor-father Anil Kapoor combined with the gorgeous looks, infectious smile and acting histrionics – Sonam is a lethal combination of a perfect package.


Sonam’s marriage with Delhi-based businessman Anand Ahuja on the 8th of May 2018 was celebrated by the near and dear ones like one has never seen before. The Sikh traditional pomp wedding was attended by the who’s who of the industry. It was a happy moment for the lovely parents Sunita and Anil Kapoor.

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