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Stanley Tucci
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Age: 60 years
Height: 172 cm
Born in: New York, USA
Born on: 11/11/1960


One of the greatest character actors of our time, Stanley Tucci was born in Peekskill (the same New York state town that gave birth to Mel Gibson) theNovember 11, 1960, from two parents of Calabrian origin.

After studying at the State University of New York of Purchase, debuts in Broadway in 1982 thanks to Colleen Dewhurst, which he manages to get cast in a play of “The Queen and the Rebels” in which he starred both his son Campbell Scott than his high school mate Stanley.

Three years pass from there to the film debut: it is the 1985, in fact, when Tucci plays the role of a soldier in it The honor of the Prizzi, directed by John Huston. Thus begins a long career that will see him alternate between cinema and television and interpret dozens of roles that are often very different from each other. In this first phase, the participation in Monkey Shines of George Romero, the role of Lucky Luciano in Billy Bathgate – At gangster school, that of Vernon in canine comedy Beethoven.

After working with directors such as Herbert Ross (Prying eye), Alan J. Pakula (The Pelican Report) is Barbet Schroeder (The kiss of death) – and after getting married in 1995 Kathryn Louise Spath, who will give him three children and with whom he will remain, with a short pause for reflection, until her death in 2009 – in 1996 Stanley Tucci he made his directorial debut directing four hands with his friend Campbell Scott Big Night, a comedy that sees him in the role of one of the two brothers from Abruzzo (the other is Tony Shalhoub, another friend and frequent companion of Tucci’s set) who have opened a restaurant and clash over how to manage it. The film is a success, it is presented at the Sundace it’s at Deauville (where he gets the Jury prize) and is worth a Tucci awards as best new director by the critics’ associations of New York and Boston, and as best screenwriter at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Immediately after, to call Tucci on one of his sets are Woody Allen, who wants it in Harry in pieces, is Danny Boyle for An exaggerated life. In 1998 wins his first Golden Globe for television Winchell (the second will arrive three years later, in 2001, for another tv movie, Conspiracy – Final Solution, in which he interprets Adolf Eichmann).

Always in 1998 he signed his second direction, that of The cheaters, presented at Cannes Film Festival, which will follow Joe Gould’s secret, Blind Date and the very recent Final Portrait, film about the Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti which was presented out of competition at Berlin Film Festival 2017.

In 2002 Tucci, now easily recognized by the general public, he plays Frank Nitti in He was my father of Sam Mendes, in 2004 it turns into Stanley Kubrick in the biopic on Peter Sellers You call me Peter, and in the same year she is the relentless and bureaucratic nemesis of Tom Hanks in The Terminal directed by Steven Spielberg. In 2006 becomes the irresistible Nigel in The devil wears Prada (a character who, not surprisingly, has much more space in the film than David Frankel than in the novel by Lauren Weisberger from which it is taken), then reciting again alongside the Streep, in the role of her husband, in that Julie & Julia which revolves around his second great passion, cooking, and which will be the last film of Nora Ephron.

Do not miss even a conspicuous participation in the hugely popular series ER – Doctors on the front line, taking on the role of doctor Kevin Moretti, head of the emergency room in seasons 13 and 14 of the show.

The time would be ripe for a Oscar, and in fact comes a nomination for the role of the killer in lovable remains, the film by Peter Jackson taken from the best seller of the same name Alice Sebold. The nomination arrives, which will inexplicably remain the only one, but not the statuette, that year destined for Christoph Waltz of Inglourious Basterds.

After movies like Easy Girl, Margin Call is Burlesque, Tucci enter the Marvelverse interpreting Abraham Erskine in Captain America – The First Avenger, and in the world of Hunger Games in the role of Caesar Flickerman. In Transformers 4 he is also the brilliant billionaire Joshua Joyce, a role he will reprise in the upcoming fifth film in the series, Transformers – The Last Knight, while in the Oscar-winning film The Spotlight case of Tom McCarthy he is the neurotic and combative lawyer Mitchell Garabedian.

After acting for Bill Condon neither The fifth power, will do it again in the live action version of The beauty and the Beast, playing a new character named Cadence.

In 2012 Stanley Tucci he remarried with Felicity Blunt, sister of Emily with whom he shared the set in Devil wears Prada, in 2015 the couple had their first child. Soon we will see him in the thriller with Alexandra Daddario is Henry Cavill Nomis, in action horror Patient Zero and in the drama of Richard Levine Submission.


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Final Portrait

Final Portrait

Role: Film director
Year: 2017

Joe Gould's Secret

Joe Gould’s Secret

Role: Film director
Year: 2004

The cheaters

The impostors

Role: Film director
Year: 1998

Big Night

Big Night

Role: Film director
Year: 1996 Go to the complete Filmography


Central Park

Central Park

Role: Actor
Year: 2020



Role: Actor
Year: 2019


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