Stump n ‘Strip with sexy David Ace

Geek Chic This Week Hosts Mike Ciriaco & David Ace Playing Stump N ‘Strip

This week David Ace undresses and undresses.

The adult artist has joined the queer pop culture web series Geek Chic This Week to play an exciting and thrilling game of Stump N ‘Strip.

The rules are pretty straightforward.

They are wondering about gay pop culture ranging from “Who Won the First Two Seasons of RuPauls Drag Race” to “Who Are the Superboy Dads”. When they fuck, they have to tear off a piece of clothing. It’s like a gay geek version of strip poker.

Will David Ace succeed or will he undress?

And for more gay geeks, head over to Geek Chic This Week on Youtube.

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