The Oracle of High Fashion: Miuccia Prada Wiki & Biography

Miuccia Prada

The Oracle of High Fashion: Miuccia Prada Wiki & Biography


  • Full Name :
    Miuccia Prada
  • Born :
    10th-May -1948
  • Zodiac Sign :
  • Birth Place :
  • Education :
    University of Milan
  • Occupation :

    Business Woman , Designer , Director , Entrepreneur , Fashion Designer , Founder , Philanthropist

  • Industry :

    Fashion & Retail


The world of high fashion is filled with creative individuals, and yet no other living designer working today can perhaps truly match the clairvoyant sartorial powers of Miuccia Prada. The stately and quietly unassuming Milanese designer is both heiress and high priestess to her family’s massive fashion empire that was founded by her grandfather Mario Prada in 1913. Mrs. Prada, as she is reverently known to the industry, is a singular innovative force of nature whose cerebral, idiosyncratic, and unapologetically feminist fashion designs frequently challenges the very notion of beauty and yet her work still manages to attract critical raves and millions in sales.


Steadfastly refusing to follow trends during every Fashion Week presentation, Mrs. Prada follows to the beat of her own drum season after season and remains several steps ahead of her peers. The proof is in the domino effect she constantly creates for whatever trends or aesthetics she has created in one season, many other brands and labels will mimic them in later seasons. Because of this, countless fashion journalists and style experts have often referred to Mrs. Prada as “the oracle of high fashion” and “the fashion designer’s fashion designer” due to her uncanny ability to set and predict future fashion trends and influence other designers without ever compromising on her artistic integrity.

Born as Maria Bianchi on May 10, 1949 in Milan, Italy, she grew up in an affluent yet traditional Italian household together with two other siblings, Albert and Marina Bianchi, of which she was the middle child. Her father, LuigiGinoBianchi, was the head of a company that produced industrial mowers while her mother, Luisa Prada, was the heiress to the luxury-good business that she would one day come to inherit during her adult years. She attended the University of Milan and graduated with a Ph.D. in Political Science, but also showed a mild degree of rebellion in her youth when she spent five years training as a mime artist and performing at the Teatro Piccolo in her home city.

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