The Singer-Songwriter to the Stars: Sia Furler Wiki & Biography

Sia Furler

The Singer-Songwriter to the Stars: Sia Furler Wiki & Biography


  • Full Name :
    Sia Furler
  • Born :
    18th-Dec -1975
  • Zodiac Sign :
  • Birth Place :
  • Occupation :

    Activist , Artist, Director , Musician , Philanthropist , Producer , Singer , Writer

  • Industry :

    Fashion & Retail


The current landscape of pop music today would not be where it is now if not for the significant contributions of Sia Furler. Mononymously referred to by her first name only, this extremely talented Australian singer-songwriter is responsible for many major pop music songs that have dominated charts, airwaves, and streaming platforms in the past few years. She has practically written for everyone in the music industry from Britney Spears and Katy Perry to Flo Rida and Eminem, as well as many other countless big-ticket collaborators.


And far from being just the go-to songwriter for high-profile musicians, she is also a major solo artist in her own right. Furler’s origin story is akin to that of a comic book superheroine: she was cut from the cloth of underground indie music and suffered from major personal struggles before emerging like a phoenix reborn by cleaning up her act and reinventing herself as a premier songwriter to mainstream pop stars whose lyrics achieved the tricky balance of emotional depth and immediate catchiness, as well as influencing the way contemporary musicians today would write and produce their songs.


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