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The truth denied

Tom Wilkinson
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Age: 73 years old

Born in: Wharefedale, Great Britain
Born on: 05/02/1948


Tom Wilkinson is born the February 5, 1948 in Wharefedale, England, although at the age of four he and his family moved to Canada due to financial problems. Several years later they will return to the UK to run a pub in Cornwall and this is where Wilkinson begins studying acting. After graduating in English and American literature at the University of Kent in Canterbury, where he became a member of the T24 Drama Society, deepening his studies later at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

After some theatrical experiences with Andrej Wajda, made his big screen debut in 1976 with The shadow line, film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Joseph Conrad, directed by the Polish director himself. He then takes part in some episodes of British television productions, such as Crime and Punishment (1979) or Miss Marple (1984), although it is the series First Among Equals (1986) to give it more prominence on TV. In the meantime he was cast in some minor films, until 1985 when he starred alongside Vanessa Redgrave is Judi Dench in The Wetherby Mystery (1985), winner of the Golden Bear in Berlin in the same year. In this period, however, the actor receives the greatest success from TV, becoming a star of the English small screen, where he plays above all historical characters. It is with the nineties that Wilkinson manages to have a broader scope within the cinema, appearing in In the name of the father (1993) by Jim Sheridan and in Reason and Sentiment (1995) of Ang Lee in the role of Mr. Dashwood.

After tiling Val Kilmer is Michael Douglas in Spirits in the darkness (1996), reaches Robert Carlyle on the set of Full Monty – Organized penniless (1997), winning a BAFTA and a Screen Actors Guild Award for playing one of the unemployed strippers and thus achieving international success. Now known to most, he not only takes part in English productions, as he had done so far, but is also hired abroad, especially in the States, which in 1998 offered him the opportunity to play the role of the villain the British ambassador Juntao in Rush Hour – Loose Cannons with Jackie Chan is Chris Tucker. In the same year, after taking part in Shakespeare in Love (1998), he again won the Screen Actors Guild Award, while in 1999 he returned to being directed by Ang Lee in the historical Riding with the devil.

The 2000s opens with a leading role in the dramatic In the Bedroom (2001), which leads him in 2002 to be nominated for an Oscar as well as many other awards, receiving ovations from world critics. The role of lead actor, however, Wilkinson in recent years also covers it on TV with the miniseries Normal (2002), in which he plays the dual role of a man who decides to become a woman, winning a Golden Globe, Emmy and Satellite Award nomination. From here on, even the television commitments, which at the beginning of his career had involved him so much and were mostly of British origin, see him involved in the United States, bringing his face to series such as John Adams (2008) – with whom he won the Golden Globe – e Recount (2008), which circulate all over the globe and not just in little Britain. However, in the third millennium Wilkinson seems to have detached himself more from the TV that had consecrated him to move more towards the cinema and this is precisely his moment: in 2002 he supports in The importance of being Ernest the colleagues Rupert Everett is Colin Firth, which the following year finds on the set of The girl with the Pearl Earring (2003) with Scarlett Johansson.

Subsequently he is engaged in successful films of various genres: from the sentimental If you leave me I delete you (2004) as Doctor Mierzwiak in horror The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) as Father Richard up to cinecomic Batman Begins (2005), where the boss Don Carmine Falcone is. Riding the wave of fame, Wilkinson was nominated in 2005 British Actor of the Year at the London Film Critics’ Circle Award Ceremony for his performance in One day by mistake next to Emily Watson, but it does not end there, because a few years later he receives the same award and an Oscar nomination for the role of Arthur Edens in Michael Clyton (2007). Also in 2007 it is the wealthy uncle Howard who convinces the two nephews, Colin Farrell is Ewan McGregor, to commit murder for money in the drama Dreams and crimes directed by Woody Allen.

The following year is directed by the father of the X-Men, Brian Singer, in Operation Valkyrie (2008), war film with Tom Cruise is Kenneth Branagh on the attack of 20 July 1944 against Hitler, where Wilkinson wears the Alemannic uniform of General Friedrich Fromm, and is one of the protagonists of the detective comedy of Guy Ritchie, RocknRolla (2008). After Shakespeare in Love back in front of the camera of John Madden in the thriller The debt (2010), sharing the set with Helen Mirren, Ciarán Hinds is Jessica Chastain, and in what is the most noteworthy work of the early second decade of the 2000s, comedy Marigold Hotel (2012), with which Tom Wilkinson was nominated for BAFTAs and Screen Actors. In 2014 he was in the cast of another hotel, that of Grand Budapest Hotel of Wes Anderson, while in the same years he took part in the bio-pic The girl in the painting (2013), where is the British magistrate Lord Mansfield, and Selma – The road to freedom (2014) as US President Lyndon B. Johnson. The historical roles also involve him on TV, when in 2011 he plays the politician and businessman Joseph P. Kennedy, known for being the father of John F. Kennedy, in the miniseries The Kennedys, centered on the family and the tragic story that interested her.

The last few years have seen him very busy, in 2016 he was at the cinema four times with The Choice – The Choice of Ross Katz (director of In the Bedroom), The truth denied with Rachel Weisz, Snowden of Oliver Stone is This Beautiful Fantastic with Jessica Brown Findlay. With the advent of 2018 Wilkinson takes part in the role of Professor Martin Collingwood in sci-fi The Titan Netflix branded starring Sam Worthington, while at the cinema with The Happy Prince – Oscar Wilde’s last portrait, author that the English actor had already met at the beginning of his career with Wilde (1997).

The truth denied

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