Trump’s failed DC hotel may have just received its final blow

Donald Trump’s namesake hotel in Washington, DC has just suffered another devastating, potentially fatal, business blow.

Luxury travel agency Virtuoso has just announced that it will no longer list the hotel, or any of the Trump Organization’s properties for that matter, on its website.

A spokesperson for the agency confirmed that Trump Hotels is no longer a preferred partner of the company and therefore its properties have been removed from its list.

“As of March 8, 2021, Trump hotels are no longer part of the Virtuoso network,” Misty Ewing Belles, head of Virtuoso’s public relations department, said in a statement.

The statement did not mention why Trump’s properties were taken off the coveted list, except to say that “many variables” were factored into the decision.

We’re sure this has absolutely nothing to do with those reports last month that the hotel has become a lifeless ghost town since the January 6 uprising.

Or that sad video from inside the lobby that went viral on Twitter, showing a cold, barren, and empty landscape.

Or the fact that, according to Trump’s final financial statement as president, hotel sales fell 63% in 2020.

Or that the Trump organization has been buying the lease for the building for over a year, but the frustrated real estate broker has resigned after being unable to find interested buyers.

Travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt told the Washington Post that Virtuoso severing ties with Trump is a “big deal” because “Virtuoso is highly respected in the industry.”

“He serves a very elitist clientele and his actions are often studied by others,” he explains.

“With Virtuoso doing this, some travel companies that may have debated whether or not to do this might well decide, if Virtuoso did, we will also end our professional relationship with Trump Hotels.

This is just the latest blow to Trump’s business. He was also banned by all the big tech companies, ditched by Deutsche Bank, and lost his contract with the PGA.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Trump’s net worth has fallen from around $ 300 million and above.

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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