Tulsi Gabbard shows off his ‘Aloha Spirit’ by tweeting death wishes on early morning man

Tulsi Gabbard, failed presidential candidate and ex-anti-LGBTQ activist, has stopped accusing Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot of “anti-white racism” and criticizing non-sexist language and has turned his attention to the billionaire d ‘Amazon Jeff Bezos.

Gabbard managed to follow Twitter for about five minutes this morning after sending out not one but two tweets attacking Bezos, who successfully flew into space this morning for a 10-minute ride aboard the Blue Origin spacecraft. .

“Bezos, please stay up there,” the first tweet read. “Do the world a favor. “

Bezos, please stay up there. Do the world a favor.

– Tulsi Gabbard? (@TulsiGabbard) July 20, 2021

She followed up with another one hour later who said, “The only problem I have with Bezos’ Blue Origin space rocket in space is that it’s going to come back.”

The only problem I have with Bezos’ Blue Origin space rocket in space is that it’s going to come back.

– Tulsi Gabbard? (@TulsiGabbard) July 20, 2021

Regardless of what you think of Bezos’ space adventure, happily wishing the guy and his flight crew death doesn’t exactly embody the Aloha spirit. It’s also not a great look for a former US congressman with presidential aspirations.

Now the answers …

Well aloha and hello for that one! 😂

– HootHootBerns (@HootHootBerns) July 20, 2021

Wishing others death at 2 a.m. is not pretty

– Tom Linder (@ The808Tomz) July 20, 2021

Tulsiiii, you should make a video tweet about this cause right now it looks like Bernie has hacked your account.

– The Darkest Aloha 🌑 (@ quarter_n_dime) July 20, 2021

Hey, do you remember when you chose not to depose a mad traitor?

I do.

– John Pavlovitz (@johnpavlovitz) July 20, 2021

I like most of the things you say Tulsi but it’s really weird.

– Carter Fuchs (@ Carter0368) July 20, 2021

Tulsi woke up and chose violence.

– Dr Vinny Musk (@vegasvin) July 20, 2021

Did your package take four days to arrive?

– Like A Libertarian (@LikeLibertarian) July 20, 2021

Tap into that populism, I see.

– CaspianReport (@CaspianReport) July 20, 2021

Hope it was an account hack. What happened to aloha?

– Jess Mears (@ jess4liberty) July 20, 2021

Sometimes you get a different kind of spirit aloha lol

– D. Pearce SSC (@DPearceSSC) July 20, 2021

Of course, none of this is surprising. Gabbard has never demonstrated her ability to put into practice what she preaches.

In her final days before leaving Congress last January, she abandoned the commitment she made to the LGBTQ community during her 2020 presidential race by pushing for a final piece of legislation that sought to remove student protections. trans and gender non-conforming.

Since then, she has become a regular at Fox News and is preparing to launch a podcast that she says will “share in-depth information and thought-provoking conversations” beyond what we hear from “mainstream media” and “always. with aloha. “

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