Tyler Perry to produce totally non-gay male stripper show

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Entertainment Svengali Tyler Perry has just announced his latest project: a new behind-the-scenes TV series about the world of male strippers.

Deadline reports that Perry – the best-known one-man entertainment factory for the Madea film series – will produce the new show, titled All the Queen’s Men for BET +. The series will revolve around a beautiful entrepreneur who oversees a high-end striptease in Atlanta. The series will also be filmed on location in town, which is also home to Tyler Perry Studios.

“I started my career in this direct-to-consumer business, so I know him well,” Perry said in a statement. “I know how much my audience appreciates and craves our great content, rooted in our culture and experiences. BET + hosts an amazing array of content, including my movies, series, dramas, sitcoms, and plays. I can’t wait to create even more great content for BET + viewers. “

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We’re already getting the Magic Mike and P-Valley vibes, but when it comes to Perry’s story, we’re tempering expectations. Throughout his career, Tyler Perry has been accused of homophobia in his work. His film For Colored Girls – an adaptation of a live performance – inserts a subplot about a locked-in African-American man who gives his wife HIV. Perry would also use a similar twist in his movie Temptation. More recently, Perry has been criticized for his portrayal of the character of Jeffrey Harrington in the soap opera The Haves and the Have Nots. In an opinion essay for Ebony, Gerren Keith Gaynor criticized Perry for calling Jeffrey a “sex demon” and for spreading homophobia within the African American community.

In other words, while Magic Mike and, in particular, P-Valley, have both embraced the homoeroticism of their respective premises, we have a feeling that Perry’s new show won’t be if his current career delivers. an indication. On the flip side, Perry used his Atlanta studio to open a shelter for LGBTQ youth, so maybe his tune has changed. Maybe Perry will use the new show as an opportunity to explore queer culture and homophobia within the African American community. Now this is a show we would watch.

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