WATCH: Adorable queer Julio Torres promises to steal the show in ‘Together, Together’

The Mitchells against the machines

A pair of trailers have just been released for two new comedies, both of which feature high profile LGBTQ characters amid the hilarity.

First off, the trailer for the Netflix animated comedy The Mitchells vs The Machines gives a major clue about one of the tracks. The film follows an eccentric family during a robotic apocalypse.

With a nefarious Siri / Alexa-like artificial intelligence named Pal (voiced by Oscar winner and aspiring gay icon Olivia Colman) bent on taking over the world, the Mitchell family must unite to save humanity … if they don’t kill each other first. This includes nerd girl Katie (voiced by bisexual actress Abbi Jacobson) who the trailer says is queer as well.

Note the rainbow pin on his jacket.

Next, the trailer for the Sundance Comedy Ensemble, Ensemble, starring Ed Helms and Patti Harrison. The story follows a middle-aged straight man named Matt who decides to have a child as a single parent. He chooses the lonely Anna as his surrogate mother, and the two begin a very strange and very funny friendship together.

Therapist Madeline (fabulously dry-minded lesbian Tig Notaro) and Jules (the ever-adorable queer Julio Torres), Anna’s messy gay colleague, advise them during pregnancy.

We saw the movie at Sundance and can vouch for it – it’s one of the funniest, most original comedies in a long time.

Ensemble, Together hits theaters April 23 and digital May 11. The Mitchells vs The Machines arrives on Netflix on April 20.

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