WATCH: Mariah Carey hits famous mark during COVID vaccine

Mariah Carey documented when she received the COVID-19 vaccine and that included a mini-performance.

On Saturday April 3, the 52-year-old singer hit one of her famous high notes as she was masked and sitting in a doctor’s office receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

“Vaccine Side Effect: G6,” Carey captioned the hilarious Instagram video, which revealed Carey’s apparent fear of needles.

“They have a medical story, but I’m here,” she said of the nurses getting ready to administer the vaccine. “Excited and a little nervous about this picture. It distracts them from doing their job, but you know how I am. I’m just talking and not really thinking about it.”

“Here we are, from that first post, washing my hands with Roc and Roe in New York,” recalls the singer. “Trying to encourage people to be really safe. You know, we’re still in this battle together.”

The “Obsessed” singer let out a shrill cry as the needle penetrated her upper arm.

“This is only the first part, this is only the first part,” she huffed after the shot. “Here we are, hoping for the best, encouraging you to do it when you can. We’re all in the same boat, as we said. I love you very much!”

Carey isn’t the only one who decided to sing during their COVID vaccination appointment. Dolly Parton shared an inspired version of “Jolene’s” vaccine just before she received the first dose of Moderna, which she helped fund.

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