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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson
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Age: 51 years old

Born in: Houston, Texas, USA
Born on: 01/05/1969


Wesely Wales Anderson was born in Houston, Texas on May 1, 1969, the second of three brothers. He first attended St. Francis Episcopal Day School and then St. John’s School, where he graduated in 1987. The latter institution will be used as the main location for his second feature film, Rushmore: and just like Max, the protagonist of that film, Wes Anderson also wrote and directed some plays for the school theater.

He then enrolled at the University of Texas, Austin, where he studied philosophy. There he meets and makes friends with his brothers Wilson: Owen, Luke and Andrew.

With them he signed his first short film, Bottle Rocket, which catches the attention of the manufacturer James L. Brooks. Brooks will help Anderson and the Wilsons to present the short at the Sundance Film Festival, a showcase that allowed him to raise the funds necessary to transform that work into a long one: this is how it was born Amateur Shot (1996), Anderson’s first feature film. Story of a group of budding robbers struggling with an absurd plan, achieved poor box office results but good critical acclaim.

Driven by the positive reviews, Anderson immediately gets to work on his next film, the aforementioned Rushmore (1998), which tells of a high school student in love with one of his teachers. The results of the film were much better than its predecessor, and even Martin Scorsese praised Anderson’s work. Rushmore also marks the beginning of the artistic partnership between the director and Bill Murray, like the one with Jason Schwartzmann; while already in Bottle Rocket another of the Texan’s fetish actors appeared: the disappeared Kumar Pallana.

Wes Anderson’s career breakthrough movie is anyway The Tenenbaums (2001), a very personal family saga with acidulous and romantic tones and with a wild and absurd sense of humor, set in a Salingerian New York. Presented at the Berlin Film Festival, the film got one Oscar nomination for best script, e Gene Hackman won a Golden Globe Best Lead Actor for his portrayal of Royal Tenenbaum. In 2008, the British magazine Empire placed i Tenenbaum in 159th place in the ranking of the greatest films ever.

In 2004 Anderson signs an even more ambitious project, The aquatic adventures of Steve Zissou, which pushes hard on the accelerator of bewilderment and melancholy, telling of the crew of the exploration ship of a new Jacques Cousteau as the family that the protagonist Bill Murray never had. Also presented in Berlin, it counts on a remarkable soundtrack, composed by Mark Mothersbaugh, and including famous passages by David Bowie performed in acoustic version, and in Portuguese, by Seu Jeorge. Three brothers who find themselves on a train in India, in search of their missing mother and themselves, are instead the protagonists of The Darjeeling Train (2007), where to the tested Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzmann A new member of Anderson’s film family is added: Adrien Brody. Anticipated by the bitter short film Chevalier Hotel, set in Paris and starring Natalie Portman and Schwartzmann himself, the film was presented in competition at the Venice Film Festival.

Two years later, and Anderson only apparently changes style, venturing into the difficult art of stop motion animation. In reality Fantastic Mr. Fox it is a logical continuation of the themes dear to the director: the family (in a broad and not only traditional sense), the discomforts of adolescence, the strength of a convinced individualism that does not want to bend to rules and conventions. The film got one Oscar nomination for best animated film.

In 2012 arrives what so far is perhaps his masterpiece, together with Steve Zissou: Moonrise Kingdom – A love escape. Presented at the Cannes Film Festival as an opening film, the film tells of the love between two teenagers, who run away together to free themselves from their respective family and social ties. For the film Anderson e Roman Coppola were nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

His most recent work, also presented in Berlin, is Grand Budapest Hotel, a story set for the most part in a phantom Eastern European country of the thirties that in its plot between the bright and the yellow pays homage to the cinema of the great authors of the Old Continent expatriated to Hollywood in that same period.

Wes Anderson, who has also been a producer of de The squid and the whale, directed by his friend Noah Baumbach, and of the recent She’s Funny That Way, return to the direction of Peter Bogdanovich.

He has lived in New York since the days of The Tenenbaums but over the last few years he spends most of the year in Paris.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

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