What to Watch: Secret, Queer Romantic Comedy, Cher Saves the World & ‘Another Gay Movie’ Revisited

Another gay movie

Whatever your entertainment needs, we’ve got you (and hopefully your mind) here for you with Queerty’s weekly Culture Club column featuring some of the highlights of new releases, streaming shows, classics worth revisiting and what to drink while you watch.

Indie: together, together

Our favorite film coming out this year from Sundance is finally arriving, and we’re so excited to share that love. Together together follows Matt (Ed Helms), a single man who decides to become a dad through surrogacy. He calls on Anna (Patti Harrison) as his surrogate mother, and what starts off as a delicate business transaction turns into an unlikely friendship story … and may be just a hint of romance. While the premise may seem so simple, make no mistake: Together together is extremely weird. For starters, openly transgender actress Harrison plays a pregnant woman, and the film’s two moral arbiters are played by extra-queer performers Tig Notaro (as therapist) and Julio Torres (as friend and colleague of Anna). More importantly, the film finds Helms & Harrison delivering some of the best work of their careers in a touching, hilarious, and delightfully original story.

In theaters April 23.

The Unexpected: Arlo the Alligator Boy

We had no expectations entering this animated Netflix musical about, well, an alligator boy setting out to meet his father in New York City. We are delighted to report that we have fallen absolutely in love with the film’s courageous, singing track and its delightful cast of friends which includes a butch wrestler, dwarf, half man, half fish, and style maven. pink and fluffy named Furlicia. (voiced, aptly enough, by Jonathan Van Ness). Arlo the alligator boy follows the tradition of The Muppet movie: a bizarre small town kid ventures out in search of a dream and finds an adoptive family of marginal comrades. In essence, it’s a weird parable – a story that many of us small-town weirdos who have adoptive families of marginal comrades will identify with. In short, it is an irresistible pleasure and to move unexpectedly in the best possible way.

Streams on Netflix.

The Sneak Peek: Dear and the Loneliest Elephant

In honor of Earth Day, Paramount + is offering a special preview of this new documentary, which will debut on the Smithsonian Channel next month. Dear and the loneliest elephant follows the titular icon on a personal crusade to save Kaavan, an elephant who spent 20 years in chains as an exhibit in Islamabad. When Cher learned of her isolation and neglect, she made it a personal crusade to see Kaavan reinstated in a shrine in Cambodia. The film traces their journey together and the curious bond that develops between the two.

In other words, call it a Cher-as-Superhero movie. This is more than enough to pique our interest.

Airs in a special preview April 22 on Paramount +. Large release to follow next month.

The revelation: kill patient zero

We covered this eye-opening documentary on the festival circuit in 2019. Now it’s finally about streaming. Director Laurie Lynd examines the story of Gaetan Dugas, a Canadian flight attendant tagged by Randy Shilts in And the band kept playing as “Patient Zero” in the AIDS crisis. Shilts mistakenly believed that Dugas introduced – and deliberately spread – HIV in North America. Now Lynd wants to dispel this myth once and for all. Kill patient zero illuminates the story of an unsung hero of the AIDS crisis and questions Shilts’ motivations for identifying Dugas with the public. It is a compelling story of the chaos of the early days of AIDS, of a community in turmoil, and of a man who has twice become an unfortunate victim.

Available April 26 at Sundance Now.

The fantasy: the shadow and the bone

Netflix is ​​launching this fantastic new series this week, and we’re happy to announce that in addition to its lush and unusual production designs, it also packs a dose of cheerfulness. The story follows Alina Starkov, an orphan living in a brutal empire (based on Tsarist Russia). When she discovers that she possesses the power of a wizard, she sets out on the hero’s journey to free her people and overthrow the despotic empire. Fantasy enthusiasts, especially those with a soft spot for medieval tales of magic, should enjoy the rich production and atmosphere, though we can’t wait to see gay sniper Jesper (Kit Young) get it. some romance in the seasons to come.

Airs on Netflix on April 23.

The Birthday: Another Gay Movie – Director’s Cut

Director Todd Stephens’ cult comedy celebrates its 15th anniversary this week with a new cut of the film that reinserts some scenes deemed too racy for contemporary audiences. To recap the plot: a group of gay high school kids take a gamble on losing their virginity before Labor Day (à la comedies for teens like American pie). A wild plot full of sexual jokes, references to queer culture, body parts, teen movies, cult movies, pop culture… and pretty much everything in between. This new cut of the film also features new scenes featuring frequent John Waters collaborator Mink Stole. Campy and above the height, anyone looking for a little lightness should check it out.

Available on VOD April 26.

The exclusive: Lord F “Once Upon a Song”

Brazilian-born artist Lord F is releasing his latest track this week, and we at Queerty got the video a day earlier. “Once Upon a Song” finds Lord F channeling his inner Lady Gaga into a track that both tells a story and delivers a message of hope to queer audiences. He also finds Lord F decked out in black vinyl, nail polish and glitter, writhing surrounded by neon-colored pastels. It’s easy to see why: the track itself – a mix of punchy pop and industrial bass – lends itself well to the dance floor… or just rocking in the shower. Don’t act like you’ve never done it before.

Available for download April 23.

The sip: Russian black

In honor of Shadow & Bone’s Russian-themed creations, we’re suggesting an old favorite for this week’s libation: Black Russian. A powerful blend of vodka and coffee flavor, it’ll let you tame a bear… or just sing along with Arlo the Alligator Boy.

  • 2 ounces of vodka
  • 1 ounce of Kahlúa

Toss over ice and serve.

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