When even Fox News calls Ted Cruz, you know he did something extra stupid

Ted Cruz said he only followed “CDC advice” when he casually refused a cameraman’s request to wear a mask. So, either there’s another CDC that we don’t know about about posting public health information, or Cruz is lying.

The Texas Anti-Gay Senator was speaking at a press conference when asked to put on a mask.

“Could you put a mask on us?” asked a cameraman standing next to him.

“Yeah, when I’m talking to the TV camera I’m not going to wear a mask,” Cruz said.

“It would make us feel better,” replied.

And then came Cruz’s solid medical advice:

“I’m not going to wear a mask and we’ve all been vaccinated,” he said, gesturing to the group of masked people behind him.

“So you are welcome if you wish,” he continued. “The benefit of a vaccine – the CDC guidelines, that’s what we follow.”

Even Fox News called on Cruz that those vaccinated would still be able to carry and transmit Covid, according to the CDC.

“The CDC continues to say that even if you’ve been vaccinated, you could still be a carrier and then you could pass it on,” Fox’s Dana Perino said in an interview with Cruz.

You can see the moment of Cruz’s mask, as well as Perino’s response, below:

Dr Sanjay Gupta later clarified:

“The CDC guidelines – and I just picked them up because the guidelines change, sure – but even though you’ve been fully immunized, you must continue to take precautions in public places, wear a mask, stay six feet away. distance, crowds. So this is simply not the case.

“I mean, I realize this reflects a conversation that most of society is having right now about what you can do if you’ve been fully immunized,” Gupta said. “The concern is that for [Cruz], he is quite well protected, of course, against a serious illness requiring hospitalization. I don’t know what vaccine he got, but they’re all good enough to prevent that. First of all, they are not perfect. You can still get sick. Also, the big joker here, as we’ve talked about, are those variations. While it should be very well protected against serious illness and variant hospitalization, it may not be as well protected against moderate illness, mild illness, and the possibility that it could still pass the virus on to someone. one else.

“So when he’s not wearing a mask, he’s potentially putting other people in that room at risk. It’s that simple. We’ve been talking about it for months now. This equation does not change yet. When enough people have been vaccinated, when we have reduced the rates of viral transmission, that is when we can start to withdraw. “

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