Britney Spears’ dad officially files a case to end his role as curator

After more than thirteen years, Britney Spears’ tutorship will come to an end.

On Tuesday, September 7, the father of the “Toxic” singer, Jamie Spears, filed a petition with the court to end his guardianship. The next step would be for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny, who is presiding over the case, to approve the petition.

Jamie did not disclose the exact reason he was doing this, but referred to “recent events” which caused him to “question whether circumstances have changed to such an extent that the grounds for establishment of a guardianship may no longer exist “.

Fans flooded social media with their thoughts and #FreeBritney started trending in many countries.

Britney’s former collaborator Iggy Azalea apparently referred to Britney who apparently could not have used social media under the guardianship while celebrating the legal victory.

“I’m not the one sending Britney all the cute filters to use on Instagram. Girls are over,” Iggy wrote.

In an Instagram post, Britney thanked Azalea for her continued support. She wrote, “God bless you and thank you for all your kind words.

“I absolutely adore you more than words (and I still have the barbies you gave me 💕),” added Iggy. “I still love you, you brilliant, too great for this world to understand, benevolent, gracious and beautifully ethereal. We’re definitely two big idiots in the best possible way.”

Fans asked about Britney’s reaction to the news and shared their thoughts as gifs.

While some fans rejoiced, others were skeptical and hoping for the best but don’t trust Jamie, and rightly so. Many people tweeted that they were waiting for official documents and confirmation from the judge until they celebrated properly.

See some of the social media reactions below.

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