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Christopher Edward Nolan

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  • Full Name :
    Christopher Edward Nolan
  • Born :
    30th-Apr -1970
  • Zodiac Sign :
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5th April 2018: Creative geniuses are a breed apart! ‘Success’ to these mavericks is like a child’s art, an experiment or playing games for the very first time. The humongous fame is just a part of the process. Hollywood Director Christopher Edward Nolan is one such genius, who is regarded one among the topmost directors of all time, with just 10 films in his two-decade career. His films have had 34 Oscar nominations with 10 Academy Awards’ win and grossed $4.7 billion plus worldwide.

Christopher Nolan

Nolan has successfully created a niche to make enormous profits from the money invested in filmmaking in the most astounding manner. His directorial debut venture ‘Following’ in 1998 made $48.4 thousand towards the $6 thousand investment. He earned his first Academy Award nomination in the ‘Best Director’ category, for the 2017-released ‘Dunkirk’. ‘Dunkirk’ was nominated in 8 categories and went onto win Oscars for ‘Best Sound Editing’, ‘Best Sound Mixing’ and ‘Best Film Editing’. The movie grossed $525.6 million worldwide to a $100 million investment.

“I am not committed to film, out of nostalgia. I am in favour of any kind of technical innovation, but it needs to exceed what has gone before. So far, nothing has exceeded anything that has come before. I think, truthfully, it boils down to the economic interest of manufacturers and a production industry, which makes more money through change, rather than through maintaining the status quo,” Nolan had stated about film industry’s adoption of digital formats. He believes it has been driven purely by economic factors, as opposed to digital being a superior medium to film.

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