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Did Brooks fake medical records?

Brooks Ayers is opening up after admitting in November he forged medical records relating to his cancer diagnosis. … In November, Ayers admitted he had forged documents to make it appear he had been a patient at cancer hospital City of Hope.

Also, Was Brooks really sick?

During the reunion episode of Real Housewives of Orange County in 2013, Brooks said he was diagnosed with stage III non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. … In September 2015, Brooks “vehemently denied allegations that he was faking having cancer,” and continued to stand by his story when he spoke with Entertainment Tonight.

in the same way, Was Brooks Ayers sick?

Though he maintained he was diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2013, Ayers claimed he drafted the fake documents in order to quiet Gunvalson’s RHOC castmates, who had been questioning the validity of his illness at the time. “I have made my share of mistakes which I regret.

likewise,  Is Slade and Gretchen still together? Gretchen Rossi memorably proposed to Slade Smiley in Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. But nearly eight years after that episode aired, during which the couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Skylar Gray Smiley, Gretchen and Slade have still yet to tie the knot.

Are Shannon and David still married?

Shannon and David, 56, finalized their divorce in 2019. Meanwhile, David and Cook welcomed baby Anna in February 2021. He popped the question to Cook ahead of her arrival in January 2020 and they tied the knot in October 2020.

Are Heather and Terry still together?

Heather joined RHOC in 2012, at the start of Season 7, and she remained on the series through the end of Season 11, in 2016. She and Terry have been married since 1999 and they share four children together.

Where does Brooks Ayers live now?

While Ayers and his wife currently live in Indiana, they’re “looking forward” to moving back to his home state of Mississippi to be closer to his parents and adult children.

Did Gretchen and Slade have a baby?

Gretchen announced in December 2018 that she and Slade were expecting their first child together. The couple welcomed daughter Skylar in July 2019.

What is wrong with Slade Smiley’s son?

However, the fans got to know that the reason behind this is because Grayson had been battling brain cancer. He has been diagnosed with brain cancer since his tender age. However, Slade Smiley seems to be in a new relationship with Gretchen Rossi. Let’s discuss more about Grayson Smiley.

What is Jo from housewives doing now?

Since her departure from reality TV, Jo launched a career in advertising and moved to Los Angeles. She opened up about her career change during a March 2018 interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

Who is Shannon’s boyfriend?

Shannon Storms Beador’s boyfriend, John Janssen, is sharing details about his life like never before. The Real Housewives of Orange County significant other sat down with Shannon and answered any and all questions about his life.

Did David and Shannon get divorced?

Ben helped Shannon during her legal war with ex-husband David. Shannon filed for divorce from her ex in December 2017, following 17 years of marriage. … They agreed to share legal and physical custody of their kids. David agreed to pay Shannon $2,935 per month in child support plus $7,065 for spousal support.

Did Shannon from Mojo in the morning get divorced?

Shannon announced her divorce a few weeks ago on the air. First off, thank you for all of the kind words towards her and her family.

Why was Heather fired from Rhony?

The insider shared that it was more of a mutual decision for Heather to leave RHONY. The In My Heart host was originally scheduled to just film with the other ladies in the Hamptons, and there was an option for her to move forward if it seemed like a good fit.

How is Terry Dubrow so rich?

Terry Dubrow is a board certified plastic surgeon who has earned the distinction of being the third richest plastic surgeon in the world. He has done so by earning his medical credentials as well as establishing himself as a popular television personality. He delivers cosmetic procedures in Orange County, California.

Who was Beadors girlfriend?

The 56-year-old former Real Housewives of Orange County star and his new wife Lesley Beador, formerly known as Lesley Cook, recently welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Anna.

Is Donn Gunvalson twitter real?

Donn Gunvalson (@DonnGunvalson) | Twitter.

Are Tamra and Eddie still together?

In series How Did You Meet?, local couples tell us how they first hooked up. They met through mutual friends, but she was married at the time. “We waited about eight months until we connected and went on our first date,” says Eddie, 48. ⁠The two have now been married eight years.

Did Lydia get fired from Rhoc?

The realtor fired back at her ex co-star Lydia McLaughlin after she gave an inflammatory interview. In the latter, McLaughlin called Judge “pathetic” for not letting go of the Bravo reality series after exiting the franchise.

Who did Gretchen have a baby with?

The Michigan native, who welcomed her little one with fiancé Slade Smiley in July 2019, compared the toddler to the Energizer Bunny.

Why did Jim and Alexis get divorced?

Alexis and Jim Bellino

Five years after Alexis’ RHOC exit, she split from her husband, Jim, after 13 years of marriage. According to the court documents obtained by Us Weekly, he filed for divorce in June 2018 and cited irreconcilable differences.

Who is Slade Wilson Son?

To Oliver, Joe is the son of his former mentor, his mother’s killer, the notorious mercenary and reformed villain Deathstroke (Slade Wilson). Liam Hall of Lucifer and Camp fame will be playing Joe, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Is Jo from RHOC married?

Jo De La Rosa may finally become a (house)wife. The former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star announced her engagement to boyfriend Taran Gray Peirson over the weekend.

What does Slade Smiley do for a living now?

Aside from Slade Smiley’s television and entertainment work, he also continues to put his degree in international business from California State University Long Beach to good use as the owner of Grayson Entertainment, LLC. … Slade’s latest project is acting in the upcoming mini-series “Texas Rising”.

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