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Do Daisy and Sousa end up together?

teammates to be her family, up through the series finale, where she called Simmons her sister. Nevertheless, the team ended up going their separate ways, and Daisy headed into space with time-displaced boyfriend Sousa and her flesh-and-blood sister Kora. In this, she has found more family, both literally figuratively.

Similarly Do Sousa and Daisy get together? After the team faked Sousa’s demise to save him from HYDRA, he joined them in their time-traveling mission to stop the Chronicoms, where he developed a relationship with Daisy Johnson.

Who did Sousa marry? However, after all the hardship and heartbreak, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has finally, finally given Daisy a worthy love interest in Season 7 with Sousa. so that Did Agent Carter marry Daniel Sousa?

Who does Agent Carter marry?

Peggy Carter
Spouse Unknown husband Steve Rogers
Children 2
Relatives Sharon Carter (niece)

Beside above, Who married Sousa? Thanks to this information, it is confirmed that Peggy and Sousa did not get married. Since Captain America: The Winter Soldier established that Peggy did marry someone after the events of the show, some fans hoped Sousa was her husband.

Does Peggy Carter date Sousa?

Sousa laughed, then passionately kissed Carter in return. However, their relationship would eventually end, and Sousa would go on to be known as Carter’s “old partner” by others.

How much older is Sousa than Daisy? It’s surprising that Agent of SHIELD is giving Daisy a new love interest this late in the series, with many feeling that the age difference between them is too large. However, Sousa is actually less than five years older than Daisy. Plus, their attraction to each other makes sense.

Does Sousa marry Violet? Chief Daniel Sousa with physical therapy, soon kindling a romantic relationship. Sousa managed to successfully propose to Violet, even after former fellow agent Peggy Carter, who he was smitten with, came to work for him.

What did Sousa deliver to Stark? It’s July 22, 1955, “the day that made Daniel Sousa a legend.” Sousa’s final mission was to deliver a groundbreaking S.H.I.E.L.D. device to Howard Stark, keeping it from falling into Russian hands. That day, Sousa became the first fallen Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sousa gets off the phone, asking Coulson his name.

Does Daisy kiss Sousa?

Daisy kisses Sousa in the middle of the time loops. Daisy stops in her tracks, taken aback by Sousa’s immediate offer to help her. She makes a split second decision to kiss him.

How is Sousa in Avengers? Before he was even cast in Agent Carter as Sousa, Enver Gjokaj had a minor cameo role as a New York cop during the final battle in The Avengers. … It was a cameo role though, so fans weren’t too fussed about it.

Is Agent Carter still canon?

Now, a new book from Marvel Studios has seemingly confirmed that the ABC series Agent Carter (2015-2016) starring Hayley Atwell is, in fact, MCU canon — while also labeling Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D series as outside of canon.

Who is Sousa dating? Sousa’s Proposal

Daniel Sousa proposes to Violet Violet awakened Sousa and apologized for not knowing that he had a dinner planned, explaining why she was late. While she was talking, Sousa rummaged through the cushions of the couch.

Who is Sousa’s girlfriend?

Introduced in season two

Violet (portrayed by Sarah Bolger): Sousa’s new girlfriend in Los Angeles. She leaves him after learning of his feelings for Carter.

How is Sousa alive?

Knowing Sousa’s route, Coulson interfered and shot Sousa with an I.C.E.R.. He then took Sousa’s place, getting shot instead. His LMD physiology allowed him to survive as he fell into the pool and was later retrieved by Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson.

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