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Why did they change Bruce Banner’s name to David?

Johnson changed the name of the Hulk’s comic book alter ego, Dr. Bruce Banner, to Dr. David Banner for the television series. … On the DVD commentary of the pilot, Johnson says that it was a way to honor his son David. “Bruce” ultimately became the television Banner’s middle name, as it had been in the comics.

second, Did David Banner ever find a cure?

Using a device called the Gammatron, Stoddard apparently, finally, cured Bruce Banner of the Hulk. For the time being, anyway. Banner soon discovered that Raoul hadn’t erased the Hulk so much as he’d created two separate, but connected, beings: one nerdy scientist, and one big screen rage machine.

accordingly, What was the Hulk’s name when he wasn’t the Hulk?

In the comic book, the Hulk’s alter ego is named Bruce Banner (although his full name is Robert Bruce Banner).

in addition,  Why does David Banner not like Bruce Banner? “Bruce” is David Banner’s middle name, as it is in the comics. In the 2003 movie Hulk, Bruce Banner’s father is named David Banner. The character is actually based on Brian Banner (in the comics), but was changed to “David” to pay homage to the TV character (although sort of backhandedly).

What did Bruce Banner mean when he said I’m always angry?

Being constantly angry allows him to keep his anger under control – it’s not a sudden spike of anger that disrupts his concentration and lets the Hulk out, it’s a constant, background anger that lets him decide when to unleash the green beast.

Who is stronger Hulk or Juggernaut?

In the comics, Hulk waged war on the X-men and eventually fought Juggernaut. Hulk was beating him. … In reality, Juggernaut is virtually unstoppable without magic, but the Hulk is stronger than Juggernaut.

Is there a cure for Bruce Banner?

Banner was cured in The Incredible Hulk #4, but chose to restore Hulk’s powers with Banner’s intelligence. The gamma-ray machine needed to affect the transformation-induced side effects that made Banner temporarily sick and weak when returned to his normal state.

Who killed the Incredible Hulk?

Marvel’s Superman, Hyperion, just brutally murdered the Hulk in one of the most brutal scenes in recent Marvel Comics history.

What is Thor’s full name?

Thor (Marvel Comics)

Full name Thor Odinson
Species Asgardian
Place of origin Asgard
Team affiliations Avengers Warriors Three Thor Corps God Squad Avengers Unity Squad

Who is Thor’s enemy?

Among Thor’s more clear-cut enemies stand Frost Giant King Laufey, Surtur the Fire Giant, the dark elf Malekith, and Thor’s own half-sister Hela, the so-called goddess of death, all of whom have ill intent towards Asgard. Thor also finds himself imprisoned for a time on Sakaar by the Grandmaster.

What is Hulk’s weakness?

5 Weakness: RAGE

While Hulk’s rage makes him almost completely invulnerable and the strongest being in the entire universe, it also is a huge weakness. The increase of his power when in rage mode is massive. However, at the same time, he also loses almost all his intelligence when he grows angrier.

Why did they recast the Hulk?

“Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors,” he wrote, in part, “but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members.

What is Thors real name?

Who Is Chris Hemsworth? Born on August 11, 1983, Australian heartthrob Chris Hemsworth has made quite a name for himself by swinging his hammer as Marvel comic book character Thor, starring in several films under that title and in related features like The Avengers.

What’s the Hulk’s secret?

When Bruce Banner loses control, the Hulk takes over. But the darkest secret of the Avenger’s origin… is the other voice inside their head.

Who is the best avenger?

From Iron Man to Captain Britain, here is our list of the 50 greatest Avengers of all time!

  1. Thor. When it comes to mighty superheroes, there’s just no beating the God of Thunder.
  2. Captain America. …
  3. Iron Man. …
  4. The Vision. …
  5. Hawkeye. …
  6. Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) …
  7. Ms. …
  8. Hank Pym. …

What is Hulk syndrome?

Hulk’s file reveals that he exhibits classic symptoms of Intermittent Explosive Disorder with underlying Anti Social Personality Traits. Request investigation to rule out possible Exhibitionistic Sexual Paraphilia Disorder.

Could the Hulk beat Godzilla?

1 Godzilla Couldn’t Beat: The Hulk

Hulk wins against his much bigger opponent because of his potential strength levels. … It would only be a matter of time before he scored a big knockout punch against Godzilla. Of course, their battle would result in untold collateral damage, but that goes without saying.

Can Goku beat Hulk?


Bruce Banner was a pretty strong hero when turned angry, but the Hulk is so much more than a monster who can punch really hard. … On a regular basis, he might not be able to beat Goku, but when his rage turns him into Worldbreaker Hulk, things might turn his way.

Can Thor beat Juggernaut?

While Thor himself is not strong enough to defeat Juggernaut, he has the help of his famous hammer Mjölnir. Since Mjölnir can only be wielded by the worthy, Juggernaut has no chance of lifting it.

Why is Hulk not on Disney plus?

In fact, The Incredible Hulk isn’t available to stream outside of paid rentals. … This presumably means a deal was brokered to allow Disney to stream the film in Spain, which could open the door to another similar deal in the US.

Is Bruce Banner dead?

Bruce Banner was just killed by a Marvel supervillain in a way so pathetic that even the Hulk was embarrassed. Ever since The Immortal Hulk essentially rewrote Bruce and the Green Goliath’s relationship with life and death, Hulk has an unsettling advantage against any villain they face.

Has Bruce Banner ever been separated from the Hulk?

When he successfully separated them, Doom created a cloned body of Bruce Banner that lacked the genetic quirks that had allowed Banner to absorb Gamma radiation and become the Hulk in the first place. … Hulk finally managed to find his way to Banner who tried and failed to fight him off with everything he had.

Can Hulk lift Thor’s hammer?

The simple answer is no. Yes, Hulk absolutely smashes Thor to the ground with Mjolnir, but, he’s holding both Thor and the hammer. Hulk wouldn’t have been able to lift Mjolnir by himself, but since the God of Thunder had a firm grip on it as well, he was able to use it as a weapon against his teammate.

How did Hulk the pitbull died?

He was attacked and fatally wounded by two much larger, younger dogs on June 26, 2018, at the company’s New Hampshire HQ after accidentally being let out at the same time as both of them and, crucially, a lone female.

Has Hulk killed anyone?

Bruce Banner was meant to have accidentally killed his father, smashing his head on his mother’s gravestone. … But in World War Hulk, it was revealed that the Hulk had never killed anyone, even in a rampage.

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