’90 Day Fiance ‘star arrested for cat fishing

natalie mike

When it comes to the stars of 90 Day Fiance, cat fishing is simply second nature.

Most of the actors have some cat fishing experience – whether they’ve been or fallen victim to a catfish themselves.

But now another cast member is called in – by the fans!

natalie mike

Credit: TLC

Credit: TLC

Most of the time, when a catfish is seen in action, it knows what it is doing. Normally they have ulterior motives and something to gain. So it’s possible that someone accidentally is a catfish?

This is exactly what Mike youngquist and her family must be wondering right now!

Source: CCM

Fans accuse Mike’s mom of being a catfish whether she likes it or not!

This is because his appearance looks so different on and off the show!

A comparison compiled by Screenrant shows just how different Mike’s mom is from Facebook’s on the show. But does that make her a catfish?

Credit: ScreenRant

Fans were also surprised to learn that Mike’s mother is only 59 years old.

But the truth is, we all put our best versions of ourselves online – so it’s no surprise that Mike’s mom did the same.

Mike’s mother, Trish, can be attacked in part because her views on the show have been so unpopular. She wasn’t ashamed of not loving Mike’s fiancée, Natalie, but still pestered her for having Mike’s children.

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