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Locandina Alessandro Mannarino

Alessandro Mannarino
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He began his artistic activity in 2001, performing at the Monti district with bizarre sessions, halfway between DJing and acoustic live. In 2006 he founded Kampina, a band made up of six elements (trombone, bass, accordion, drums, violin and guitar), with whom he performed in the main clubs of the capital. From the friendship with the actor and author Massimiliano Bruno was born the show Roma di notte, inserted in the LET theatrical review of the Cometa Off in Rome curated by Valerio Aprea. In 2008 he plays at the Jazz Festival, at Villa Celimontana and at the Decò Festival in Salento. He also performs in contexts that are not strictly musical: with Ascanio Celestini, David Riondino, Don Pasta and other artists he participates in Soul Food, at the Eliseo Theater. He also plays live in numerous radio broadcasts, including Fiorello’s Viva Radio 2 and at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome during the Repubblica Roma Rock review. He performs in the theater with the monologue Tever Grand Hotel at the Cometa Off Theater accompanied by the violinist Human Vaziri and goes on stage at the Ambra Jovinelli Theater with the show Agostino, tutti contro tutti by Massimiliano Bruno and with Rolando Ravello.


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