Another very creepy tweet from Matt Gaetz makes everyone hide their daughters

Just in case anyone forgets, Matt Gaetz took a moment this week to remind everyone of his creepy obsession with teenage girls.

On Tuesday, the anti-gay lawmaker tweeted “#FreeBritneyNOW” with an article published by Variety on the latest developments in legal issues for the former teenage pop idol.

Prior to the teen sex and prostitution scandal he is currently in, Gaetz made it his mission to help Spears escape his court-ordered guardianship after watching the documentary Framing Britney Spears.

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He spoke about her in interviews with Fox News, Newsmax and TMZ, and tweeted incessantly about her for over a month. He also repeatedly called on Representative Jerry Nadler to authorize a hearing on guardianship and mistreatment of guardians. And he attacked his father, Jamie Spears, for being a “crook” and an “abuser”.

Now, most people would agree that tweeting about someone who dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl at 17 probably isn’t the best way to make people forget that you yourself are under investigation for allegedly raping a 17 year old schoolgirl. Then again, most people aren’t like Matt Gaetz.

And now the answers …

I doubt she still has the schoolgirl costume

– kat (@ kathylandb2) April 28, 2021

Just a reminder that she is over 18 now….

– Raiders fan (@ rcarden99) April 27, 2021

Matt Gaetz is drawn to women who are still in the care of their father.

– Colorado Dispensary Loiterer (@ 32bellyoption) April 27, 2021


– Vincent (@prestoncvincent) April 28, 2021

The Matt Gaetz laser focused on the important things!

– ⭐️ Joyfully vaccinated! ⭐️ (@MerrillLynched) April 28, 2021


– TheOneAndOnlyRichie ️‍ (@ The1OnlyRichie) April 27, 2021

Dude, she’s 23 years too old for you.

– Inspector Gadget (@ BrentDa49382602) April 27, 2021

She’s been tampered with enough, Matt stay out of it

– Partyglouberman (@partyglouberman) April 27, 2021

You are really desperate for anything to avoid the fact that you are under investigation for paying for sex with an underage girl.

– Roastmaster General (@TempleOfJames) April 28, 2021

Maybe stop using Venmo for your “minor” purchases. Drinking doesn’t help…

– Liz Johns (@josh_icloud) April 27, 2021

This isn’t the same girl you remember from the Mickie Mouse Club.

– cmichael (@ cmsdual90) April 27, 2021

Despair is a stinking cologne

– Scooby (@Scoobyinspace) April 27, 2021

Matt, she’s not a teenager anymore. Pass.

– (@DevilWearsMAGA) April 27, 2021

CDC says Americans should always practice walking away from Matt Gaetz

– Daniel J. Ferrārius (@ DannyJHerrera3) April 27, 2021

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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