Carrie Underwood loves metal and hard rock music

Would you have guessed that Carrie Underwood is a huge metal fan?

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning that aired earlier this month, the “Blown Away” singer opened up about her personal musical preferences – later, in a clip that has since gone viral on TikTok, the former American Idol revealed that the practice music is not country or even EDM, but rather heavy metal and rock music.

“[While] While working, I honestly listen to music like metal or super hard rock, ”revealed Underwood, apparently surprising the reporter interviewing him.

“I like the group I Prevail,” she continued. “And their Trauma album is one that I repeat when I train,” Underwood revealed to the somewhat surprised reporter.

“There are a lot of words that are not suitable for children,” added the country star. “It’s important to note. But I’m like, ‘Don’t go buy, you know, [my Christian record] My Savior, then go buy Trauma and say ‘Carrie Underwood told me so.’ “

Watch the viral TikTok, below:

While the revelation may surprise some, longtime Underwood fans may know that she has covered many rock songs in the past, from “I Remember You” by Skid Row to “Home Sweet Home” by Mötley. Crüe, as well as many Guns N ‘Roses Tracks.

Joan Jett even collaborated with Underwood on a CMA Fest set, as well as for the 2019-2020 theme song Sunday Night Football.

“I’ve always been a fan of Joan Jett… I’ll use every excuse I can to work with Joan Jett,” Underwood said at the time. “It’s intimidating being in the studio with someone like Joan. He’s a legend!”

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