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The promise of dawn

Charlotte Gainsbourg
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Age: 49 years old

Born in: London, Great Britain
Born on: 07/21/1971


Born on July 21, 1971 in London and raised in Paris, Charlotte Gainsbourg she is a daughter of art, her parents are actors and singers Serge Gainsbourg is Jane Birkin, which is why he is fluent in both French and English. Gainsbourg and Birkin were both at the height of their fame at the birth of Charlotte, but the marriage between the two ends when the girl is only nine years old and from then on, Charlotte continues to live with her mother in Paris; her father, on the other hand, turns to alcohol, an addiction that will cause her death in 1991. It was her mother who pushed her towards an acting career from a very young age, encouraging her to make her big screen debut at thirteen with Love and music (1984) as the daughter of Catherine Deneuve, a film in which he immediately shows his bilingualism with dialogues in both French and English. His second role gets it in 1985 thanks to Jacques Doillon, at that time companion of the Birkin, which he was directing The Tentation d’Isabelle. It is a small part that allows it to be noticed by Claude Miller, which entrusts her with the leading role in the dramatic comedy L’effrontée – It will be because I love you (1985), with which she won the César Prize for Best Female Promise.

He collaborates with his father as a director and actor in Charlotte for Ever (1986), a film that allows her, always flanked by her parent, to make her debut as a singer with an album of the same name. Later, however, he supports his mother in two films of Agnès Varda, Kung-Fu Master (1988) and Jane B. for Agnés V. (1988). Miller points to her again in The little thief (1988) on the screenplay by François Truffaut and later is the star of Merci la vie – Thanks to life (1991) of Bertrand Blier; It is to this period that the actress herself chose to pursue a career in cinema, which until then she had not considered as a real future job possibility. Yet Gainsbourg did not struggle to receive relevant parts in France and in her early twenties she began to contaminate a large part of European cinema with her actoriality. In 1990 he arrived in the Italian one with The sun even at night, film directed by Paul is Vittorio Taviani and taken from the story “Father Sergij” by Lev Tolstoj, while in 1993 he is in the cast of The concrete garden of the uncle Andrew Birkin. In the meantime he also measures himself with the theater with Oleanna’s David Mamet, staged at the Théâtre de la Gaité-Montparnasse.

In 1996 it returned to be directed by an Italian filmmaker, Franco Zeffirelli, in Jane Eyre, wearing the nineteenth-century dresses of Charlotte Brontë’s heroine. The third millennium begins with the victory of her second César Award, this time for Best Supporting Actress, in Christmas lunch (1999) of Danièle Thompson. In 2001 he is the main character of My wife is an actress of Yvan Attal, her partner since 1991, who will also direct it in Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d’enfants (2004) and Do Not Disturb (2012). Given the success in Europe, the Anglo-French actress soon finds herself starring in her first American film, it is about 21 grams (2003) of Alejandro González Iñárritu, where the set with Sean Penn, Naomi Watts is Benicio del Toro. He goes back to France – and also to Italy – to shoot Twice she – Lemming (2005) of Dominik Moll, The art of dreaming (2006) of Michel Gondry is New world (2006) of Emanuele Crialese. Gainsbourg, however, is now an international interpreter, also in great demand, and soon she is forced to return to the USA to I am not here (2007), biopic on Bob Dylan, in which she is a French artist whom the character of falls in love with Heath Ledger, is That golden evening (2009) of James Ivory.

2009 marks the meeting with the Dane Lars von Trier, who chooses her as his muse for the Depression Trilogy. The collaboration between the two begins with the controversial Antichrist (2009) together with Willem Dafoe, for which the actress won the Prixinterprétation féminine at the Cannes Film Festival and received numerous nominations; proceeds with Melancholia (2011) with Kirsten Dunst, for which he receives other appointments, and finally ends with the diptych Nymphomaniac: volume I (2013) and Nymphomaniac: volume II (2013). In the meantime she continues to work in Europe, directed in Italy by Asia Argento in Misunderstood (2014), in France from Benoît Jacquot in Three hearts (2014) and in Germany from Wim Wenders in Back to life (2015). The actress is, however, now a Hollywood star and takes part in the first blockbuster of her career with Independence Day – Regeneration (2016) and in the thriller The Incredible Life of Norman (2016) with Richard Gere. In 2017 he is at the cinema with two other thrillers: The Snow Man starring Michael Fassbneder is The ghosts of Ismael, in which it is flanked by Mathieu Amalric, Marion Cotillard, Louis Garrel is Alba Rohrwacher. Parallel to the cinematography road, Gainsboug also has a musical career with several albums and artistic collaborations.

The promise of dawn

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The Ghosts of Ismael

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The Promise of Dawn

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