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Cristiana Capotondi
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Age: 40 years
Height: 164 cm
Born in: Rome Italy
Born on: 13/09/1980


Cristiana Capotondi is born the 13th September 1980 in Rome from a Catholic father and a mother of Jewish religion. The first approaches to acting are very young with some commercials, of which the best known are those for the Tegolino della Mulino Bianco and for the Maxibon Motta. At the age of thirteen he made his debut on the small screen with the TV miniseries My friend (1993), alongside the then unrecognized Claudia Pandolfi is Pierfrancesco Favino and to the best known Massimo Dapporto. In 1994 he is still on Rai channels with the series Italian Restaurant, set in the Big Apple with protagonists Gigi Proietti is Nancy Brilli. It is these two television appearances that allow Capotondi to later join the cast of the cinepanettone Christmas holidays ’95 (1995) of Black Relatives as the somewhat rebellious daughter of Massimo Boldi, eager to meet her idol, Luke Perry.

In 1998 he shares the set with Proietti in the double role of actor and director in the TV movie A black for the house, while Carlo Vanzina, who had noticed her while working on the subject of the previous Parenti film, chooses her for the pair of TV miniseries 1950s (1998) and 60’s (1999), both played by Ezio Greggio and other comedians on the Italian scene of those years. But the 60s are a fixed point for Vanzina who will also turn in 1999 The sky in a room, setting it in that period and once again choosing Capotondi as a secondary character. The third millennium opens for the actress with several television engagements, as well as taking part in Classmates (2001) – TV series that included in its ranks many young actors of future success such as Riccardo Scamarcio is Laura Chiatti – reads in Guardian angel (2001) with Lino Banfi and ne The young Casanova (2002) together with Stefano Accorsi.

At the beginning of 2004 she is one of the protagonists of the TV series Pride, which will be followed by another two seasons, and the following year, among the thousands of projects in progress, he succeeds in graduating with full marks in Communication Sciences at the La Sapienza University of Rome. 2004 is also the year in which she returns to the cinema, returns to be directed by Neri Parenti and returns to interpret Boldi’s daughter in Christmas in Love, a young girl who pretends to have an affair with a man of her age in order to convince her father to come back with her mother; the comedy offers Capotondi the opportunity to act alongside another international star, Danny DeVito as the fake boyfriend.

The Roman actress is now known to the Italian public, especially the television one, when in 2005 she joined the cast of Night before exams (2006), comedy by Fausto Brizzi starring Nicolas Vaporidis – here in love with Capotondi – who also formalizes his cinematographic fame, thanks to a nomination for the David di Donatello and the victory of the Guglielmo Biraghi Award (awarded to young actors who have revealed themselves in Italian cinema) during the Nastri d’Argento in 2007 The following year sees her engaged in theaters three times: she is contested by writers First Reggiani is Ludovico Fremont in Write it on the walls, with which he won his second Etruria Prize (the first he received in 2005 with I just wanted to sleep on her); takes part in the historian The Viceroys, based on the novel of the same name by Federico De Roberto; finally, he returns to act together with Vaporidis in the comedy As you want me in the role of a geek ready to change her appearance into “it girl” for the guy she falls in love with.

Now established in Italian cinema and entertainment, Capotondi often finds herself a protagonist in both films and TV series, in fact, main roles are dedicated to her in the miniseries Rebecca, the first wife (2008) and Sissi (2009), the latter, co-produced by Italy, Austria and Germany, allows her to win the Romy Schneider Prize, awarded to a young emerging actress of French-speaking cinema. Although it was TV that made her known by making her take her first steps both acting and not (even as a presenter with Zelig in 2014), Capotondi’s curriculum in the second decade of the 2000s is enriched much more at a cinematographic level, in particular in comedies. Brizzi reconfirms it in Former (2009) and in Guess who’s coming for Christmas? (2013) and also Alessandro Genovesi chooses it for the duo Worst week of my life (2011) and The worst Christmas of my life (2012) – where she is joined in both by Fabio De Luigi – and for Soap opera (2014). They are also years in which it is measured with more demanding films, such as The mafia only kills in the summer (2013) of Pif, for which she is nominated for the Silver Ribbons, and Friends till death (2013) with Claudia Gerini is Sabrina Impacciatore, an interpretation that earned her a Flaiano Award and a Golden Super Ciak.

These are years in which he also experimented with animated dubbing with Hotel Transylvania (2012), voicing Mavis, the irreverent daughter of Count Dracula, who will also have the stamp of Capotondi in the sequel Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015). While he continues to pursue his commitment to television, including fiction like From father to daughter (2017), tries to get out of the comedy that for years had dominated his career and to move towards more dramatic roles, collaborates again, this time at the cinema, with Scamarcio in A golden boy of Pupi Come on, is one of the main characters in the film directed and starring Kim Rossi Stuart, Thomas (2016), and by 7 minutes (2016) of Michele Placido. Following this trail of dramatic films, in 2018 is Nina, star of Woman’s name of Marco Tullio Giordana, where she is a worker who fights for respect for the female figure and for the right to be a woman.

The night is small for us - Director's Cut

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