Entertainment : Robert James-Collier on how the sexy gay villain became a hero in ‘Downton Abbey: The Movie’

Enjoyment: Robert James-Collier on just how the attractive gay bad guy ended up being a hero in ‘Downton Abbey: The Flick’

” It’s unsubstantiated our little program is currently a motion picture occasion.”

Robert James-Collier seems a little bit stunned as he gets on the phone, as well as with excellent factor: a little program that catapulted him to fame will make the shift to the cinema. Downton Abbey: The Flick strikes movie theaters September 20.

The movie sees James-Collier go back to his trademark duty of Thomas Barrow, the unscrupulous gay butler at the Downton residence. The tale gets numerous years after the collection ending when the King & & Queen of Great Britain reveal an unique check out to the Abbey.

It goes without saying, the citizens there fly right into a craze over the imperial browse through, which triggers numerous long-held tricks to bubble up right into the general public. For James-Collier, that started his profession as a soap celebrity as well as sex object on the UK dramatization Crowning Road, the movie notes his most considerable attribute duty to day.

A little bit worn out, yet revealing no loss of interest, James-Collier consented to talk with Queerty regarding his go back to the duty of Thomas, being gay in the very early 20 th century, as well as his future as a star.

When you return to a personality similar to this, what type of prep work do you do? He goes to a various factor in his life, not fairly the schemer he as soon as was.

The important things is, when you play a personality for many years, it resembles you develop muscular tissue memory. An analytical memory, of just how to play him. It took years to discover it. It’s quite possibly deep-rooted in my mind’s eye. There was a break, yet that was 2 as well as a fifty percent years. It had not been as well long. As quickly as I place the outfit back on, the collars on as well as the fit, he simply returned quickly. The pose came, the search in the eyes. It was fairly simple to discover him once more. You’re right, in the feeling that I believe the TELEVISION collection was extra significant.


The movie is extremely wise in regards to its target market. We understand that 3 generations view this program. I have actually fulfilled followers where the grandma, the mommy as well as the child all view the program with each other. So it interest followers from the age of 10 to the age of80 Yet the movie’s a whole lot lighter. It’s uproarious, extremely comical. Yet likewise, I believe Tom Barrow’s story is an excellent counterpoint to that. It’s type of a much more genuine, edgy story if you will. It’s rooted in his sexuality. I rejoice that Julian [Fellows, the series creator and screenwriter] has actually selected to inform the tale since it demonstrates how you managed being gay in a time when individuals described it as being shocking. So I believe it’s remarkable to play that, to see it, since as a target market, you start to comprehend Thomas extra. I have actually seen from Collection 1 to the movie individuals’s perspective towards Thomas modification to recognizing emotionally what he’s undergoing. That aids them establish compassion.


They favor him currently, as well as they definitely desire him to be delighted. It aids that we discuss that emotional side quite possibly. The target market understanding of Thomas has actually transformed, as well as it’s transformed in the movie. I believe there’s a great deal of heart to his tale as well as a great deal of hope. So I believe target markets will certainly appreciate his story.

What you claim regarding the expedition of his sexuality, it is among one of the most fascinating stories in the movie. It is something historic, as well as something that is enthusiastic. Currently, did you have an input to what would certainly take place to him this moment out? Did you talk with Julian Fellows as well as make tips?

Julian’s obtained an Oscar, a Golden World as well as an Emmy. I’m not the star to go knock on his door as well as claim “I have actually been assuming …”


He’s a tale. That am I to go as well as talk with him? And also truthfully, he’s constantly created such fascinating tales for Thomas. He is among one of the most intricate as well as challenging personalities at Downton Abbey. He’s obtained numerous layers: he can be amusing, he can be kind, he can be vicious, he can be psychological. He can be every little thing. And also I believe that’s why the target market appreciates seeing him. And also of course, the unscrupulous is gone. And also I do miss out on that side of him, yet you need to keep in mind, he’s the butler currently. He reached the greatest place he can. He does not require to system any longer.


Likewise, I believe– this is rooted in his sexuality– he’s obtained even more self-confidence in that he is. He’s challenged that as well as he’s type of in a much more steady location with his sexuality. Because, we discover even more of a tranquility as well as equilibrium in Thomas than we have actually ever before seen. He’s not as pushed away as well as shut off. Individuals understand his sexuality at Downton Abbey, as well as they have actually reacted, you understand, with an extremely liberal feedback. Whether that’s to the moment is for somebody else to suggest. What we can do is claim the staff members are absolutely even more understanding as well as even more liberal than various other residences were. Likewise, the coworker feedback to him has actually been extremely liberal. That becomes part of his trip in the movie: he locates this globe, this subculture of homosexual guys that are totally free as well as being themselves as well as dance with each various other as well as kissing freely. When you see the admiration of wonderment on his face because scene, it’s so heartfelt to go wow, there are wide varieties of individuals like me around, as well as they’re not embarrassed


To discover that, it’s so heartfelt. There is wish for him. The feeling of expedition for him that he’s discovered this brand-new globe is gorgeous to see. I was so delighted for him. Which’s all to Julian.

So if I’m being straight, this will most likely be the last time you reach play Thomas. Will you miss out on playing him?

Well, we do not understand yet. The movie hasn’t appear!


So with any luck, I reach play him once more. I need to pay my home mortgage. It can go once more, yet it’s all to the target market feedback. If they like it, I would certainly enjoy to do one more one. I understand the majority of the actors would certainly enjoy to do one more one. So, we’ll need to wait as well as see. Yet certainly, I would certainly miss out on playing him. It was unusual packing the collection. 6 years you are familiar with a personality. You arrive due to your personality. After that it’s gone every one of the abrupt. It simply type of strikes you the day after: Oh my God, this great trip we have actually all gotten on has actually quit At the very same time, he’ll constantly exist. Due to Thomas, individuals understand me due to him. I obtain used various other tasks currently, as well as it’s due to my work with Downton Abbey So there’s constantly that link back to Thomas. Any type of future success I have is due to Thomas Barrow in such a way. Because method, he’ll constantly exist in my mind’s eye.

Currently, I wonder. Were you ever before discouraged taking the duty for concern it would certainly brand name you? There’s a great deal of talk in Hollywood that stars that play gay personalities will certainly be permanently cast as the gay personality.

No, that really did not fret me due to the intricacy to him. He runs the range of feelings, which, as a star, I saw a possibility as well as claimed “Hold on a min. Allow’s see what Julian’s done right here. I have a possibility to play a truly complex challenging personality, as well as flaunt my acting variety.” So after that individuals go, Wow, we have actually seen him be psychological as well as dismayed. We have actually seen him be upset. We have actually seen the entire series of feelings There’s a great deal of adaptability within Thomas, so because feeling, it’s been only an and also. Likewise, for me as a star, the passion is to find far from Thomas as well as to reveal individuals my adaptability. So it was never ever a concern in my mind. He is as well excellent a component. I simply needed to take it.

That’s motivating.

I believe so. I can not claim what the brand-new collection is, yet I’m beginning a brand-new collection. It’s globes far from Downton Abbey as well as the personality is globes far from Thomas. So it’s a truly excellent component, which’s due to Thomas as well as Downton Abbey They would not understand me, these Americans, if it had not been for Thomas.

So last concern. This is a little bit ridiculous as well. You were proclaimed the sexiest daytime soap male 2 years in a function, in 2007 as well as2008 I would certainly picture it’s a little bit unique being a sex object like that.


For the majority of us that will never ever understand the sensation, what’s it such as? Is it a great deal of stress?

I was entertained by all of it. I believed it was humorous. The quantity of collections I obtained of good friends simply mocking me for that …


I really did not have misconceptions of splendour. I was rapidly brought down to Planet by my fierce good friends that sent out a great deal of WTF messages. “That would certainly you permeate with? That are they considering?” It’s a little bit of enjoyable, as well as you can not take it as well seriously. I simply chuckled regarding it. My companions– there’s a word we make use of over right here– I was dragged by my companions for it for a very long time. I simply believed it was unbelievably amusing.

Seems like a great wrenching.

It’s not something I emphasize. Place it in this way.

Downton Abbey opens up in movie theaters September 20.


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