Entertainment : YouTube Star Deji Says KSI Missed the Point of Abuse Revelation: ‘It’s Sickening’

Home Entertainment: YouTube Celebrity Deji States KSI Misunderstood of Misuse Discovery: ‘It’s Upseting’

YouTube character Deji talked with his followers concerning his individual experiences concerning being abused by his older sibling, yet desires it understood the action was not an assault, despite the fact that that’s exactly how KSI took it.

Deji uploaded the video clip Thursday early morning and also said thanks to followers for allowing him air out his complaints. He wished to make it clear that reviewing the torture he’s endured by his sibling, KSI, for many years was not suggested to be an assault.

Deji discusses that he was essentially simply attempting to stick up for himself, and also really did not indicate his accusations to be an assault. After Deji’s video clip, KSI presumably started shedding clients over the circumstance.

He claims in relation to KSI, “That’s simply my sibling, that’s simply exactly how he is,” yet he after that disclosed that KSI has actually been teasing him because making the video clip and also “treating it like a joke.”

Deji thinks his sibling “entirely misreaded” concerning the video clip, and also thinks KSI is currently attempting to collect dust, range himself from family members and also make his more youthful sibling resemble the crook.

” It’s sickening,” Deji discussed, including that he’s “ashamed” over the habits by his well-known sibling.

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