Is Caitlin Jenner considering a run for Governor of California?

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Transgender icon, Olympic gold medalist and former reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly considering running for the California governor’s office.

Axios reports that Jenner allegedly retained the services of Caroline Wren, a senior Republican fundraising coordinator who previously worked on the Trump 2020 re-election campaign and helped organize the Jan.6 insurgency. Gavin Newsom. Republicans had spent years trying to organize the recall effort before the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the state. The requirement to wear a mask and the closure of businesses by Newsom were particularly unpopular with some voters, who began to work together to remove him from office.

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Jenner was criticized in 2016 for her steadfast support for the Republican Party and Donald Trump despite both opposition to gay rights, with transgender issues becoming a particular target. Jenner later expressed regret over Trump’s support for so-called “bathroom bills” and similar policies, which require students to use the bathroom of their assigned gender at birth. She reiterated her disappointment with Trump following his July 2017 ban on transgender people in the military, and again in 2018 following a Trump administration decision to deny transgender people the right to change gender on legal documents.

It remains somewhat uncertain whether the recall effort against Newsom will go ahead. As of this writing, election officials are still checking the 2 million reported signatures submitted by the recall effort to trigger the recall election. Newsom, for his part, confessed that the recall election will likely take place this fall and has already started efforts to defeat it. Several Republican candidates, including businessman John Cox (whom Newsom defeated in the 2018 gubernatorial election), former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and former Congressman Doug Ose have all expressed interest in challenging Newsom in the hypothetical recall.

Caitlyn Jenner first rose to fame as a gold medalist at the 1976 Olympic Decathalon and then as a media celebrity. She starred in the famous movie flop Can’t Stop the Music opposite The Village People and enjoyed a career resurgence in the 2000s as a Keeping Up with the Kardashians star during her marriage to Kris Jenner. If she were to run, Jenner would almost certainly be faced with questions regarding a car crash in 2015 that injured five people and killed a woman, Kim Howe.

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