John Mayer could have his own talk show

Does John Mayer have his own talk show?

On Wednesday April 28, Variety reported that the “Gravity” frontman was about to strike a deal with Paramount Plus to host a talk show with a performance series titled Later with John Mayer. The show’s alleged format would be similar to the BBC’s hit show Later with Jools Holland.

Sources close to the network and a musician have revealed that the potential show is being shown to broadcast partners. It would air as a weekly series on the streaming network and would have potential specials on a broadcast partner, which will most likely be CBS. There is even talk of collaborations with the Grammys, which air on the network every year, according to the insider.

The show would feature exclusive musical performances and interviews with celebrities and cultural figures “in a setting designed to be like an after-hours club for musicians.”

Mayer is no stranger to accommodation. He recently hosted a Clubhouse talk and his live Instagram show “Current Mood”. He also replaced Craig Ferguson in The Late Late Show. Mayer has also tried his hand at comedy, hosting a handful of stand-up shows since 2009.

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