Kat Dennings and Andrew WK just got engaged

Rocker and party king Andrew WK is now officially engaged to actress Kat Dennings.

It wasn’t until earlier this month that the mainstream world learned that the two were a couple. Dennings, who is, most recently, one of the many stars of the Disney + miniseries series WandaVision, shared a picture of her what many assumed was her hoot, Andrew WK, kissing her atop the head as she gave him “duck lips.” “look at the camera.

The rocker, who will release his new album, God Is Partying, later this year, shared a similar image, leading fans to put together the rather obvious clues that they were officially an item.

A post by Dennings that showed two photos of Andrew WK accompanied by a heart-shaped emoji also helped piece things together.

It was either practically love at the first site, or the two managed to fly under the radar of the ever-vigilant paparazzi, keeping their relationship in the dark until recently.

Dennings, who also played television and film roles in The 40 Year Old Version, Thor and 2 Broke Girls, shared three photos on Instagram (see below) to celebrate this beautiful moment and promise of dedication and lifetime commitment. The first shows her left hand, adorned with an engagement ring, on her sweetheart’s left hand as Andrew WK cradles his digital wristwatch.

In the next photo, the two are dressed in black (which is quite rare for the musician), kissing with their eyes closed. Again, this ring is positioned in clear view. And the third? You guessed it – another ring shot (who could resist?), But this time it’s just Dennings in the photo, holding his hand to his face.

“I don’t mind if I do,” read the caption, alluding to the customary marriage proposal response of “Yes”.

Andrew WK also posted the same set of photos, albeit in a different order and with a caption consisting only of an emoji ring to indicate the engagement.

Loudwire sends congratulations to Andrew WK and Dennings and we wish them many years of health and happiness together.

Andrew WK and Kat Dennings share engagement announcement

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