Marjorie Taylor Greene laughs for sharing her “Covid-protection” training

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor GreeneMarjorie Taylor Greene shows off her workout (Photo: Twitter)

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) believes she has the answer to Covid… intense physical activity for everyone. Yesterday, she shared a video of what she described as her “Covid protection”, along with the hashtag #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain.

The tweet was accompanied by a video of her doing clean, rushed lifts and rather unusual pull-ups.

This is my Covid protection ? # MakeAmericaHealthyAgain

It’s time to #FireFauci

– Marjorie Taylor Greene ?? (@mtgreenee) April 1, 2021

When people started questioning his unorthodox pull-up method, the anti-LGBTQ lawmaker posted another clarifying tweet, saying, “Since it’s trending: 1. Yes being healthy thanks to the training and lifestyle, I trust my immune system as my Covid protection. 2. For those who are confused about my pull-ups, they are called butterfly pull-ups. Sometimes I do strict and sometimes I do butterfly. “

“We know the risk factors include obesity. As a former gym owner, I have helped many people lose weight and get healthy. “

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Some pointed out that pull-ups had been practiced by CrossFit aficionados, and Greene had never hidden his CrossFit lifestyle or previously owned a CrossFit-affiliated gym.

CrossFit itself stepped back from Greene, telling Buzzfeed last month: “CrossFit supports a respectful evidence-based political dialogue to address our common challenges, and we strongly oppose the loathsome and dangerous lies attributed to Ms. Greene. “

Greene’s video has garnered thousands of comments. While no one disputes the benefits of exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, Greene’s workout has been questioned by many.

So my 92-year-old grandmother should have done more weights and pull-ups, and Covid wouldn’t have killed her? Thanks for the brilliant advice Marjorie.

– Sam (@ Sam30746393) April 1, 2021

nice shape, you kinda look like a wild salmon trying to escape a grizzly bear

– cinnamon bun (@notsofiacoppola) April 1, 2021

As a CrossFit Affiliate Owner for nearly a decade, stop embarrassing those of us who know that science and fitness go hand in hand. Here are also Crossfit’s guidelines on Covid. You know everyone trusts science and uses common sense

– Michael Muscato (@michael_muscato) April 1, 2021

So by implication are you saying that the over half a million who died were just too lazy to live?

It’s disgusting but, since it’s coming from you, it’s not surprising.

– Annie Gabston-Howell- (@AnnieGabstonH) April 2, 2021

As a personal trainer… everything you did there was dangerous and poorly done… you’re right, you don’t need to fear Covid, your training will kill you.

– Permission to speak freely MS Ed (@SpeakPermission) April 1, 2021

One of them shared photos of a muscular gay man who made headlines last year as he nearly died from Covid. He then shared photos of his weight loss.

How many more squats should this guy have done to protect himself?
I mean, it clearly worked a lot, but I guess it just wasn’t enough.

– Nicholas Grossman (@ NGrossman81) April 1, 2021

When he hasn’t posted any bizarre workout videos, Greene has spent most of this week attacking the current administration’s efforts to get as many people vaccinated as possible. She attacked the “really disturbing” idea of ​​vaccine passports as “Biden’s mark of the beast.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene says that a vaccine passport is “the mark of the beast of Biden” and that any business that needs it engages in “corporate communism.”

– Right Wing Guard (@RightWingWatch) March 30, 2021

Yesterday, Greene sponsored two new laws. The first, the “Fire Fauci Act”, criticizes the handling of the pandemic by Dr Anthony Fauci and demands that his salary be reduced to $ 0, “until a new administration of the NIAID is confirmed by the Senate” .

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The second law, entitled “We Will Not Comply Act”, aims to prohibit companies from discriminating against anyone for not having a Covid vaccine passport.

Oh, and when she wasn’t attacking the Fauci and Covid passports, she was pledging her support for scandal-stricken Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Remember all the conspiracy theories and lies like collusion and Trump / Russia propaganda that the media has been spreading.

Believe me rumors and headlines don’t equate to the truth.

I’m with @mattgaetz

– Marjorie Taylor Greene ?? (@mtgreenee) March 31, 2021

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