Matt Gaetz’s fiancee urged “Run girl!” after sharing a pic of her bare legs amid teenage sex scandal

Rep. Matt Gaetz is currently at the center of a teen sex scandal and things are not going well for the 38-year-old MP.

Not only is the Department of Justice investigating him, his fellow Republicans don’t seem to come to his defense as they usually do whenever one of their own is charged with a sex crime.

When asked about the charges against the Florida lawmaker, Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy called them “serious” and said Gaetz would be removed from the Judiciary Committee if they turned out to be true.

On top of that, the LGBTQ Nation reports that Republican staff members are privately “gloating” over what many believe is the final nail in Gaetz’s political coffin.

And then there’s his fiancée, food analyst Ginger Luckey, 26.

According to her Twitter bio, Luckey is “obsessed with food, data and positive utility” and the proud “fiancee of @mattgaetz.”

At least for now.

On Sunday, she posted a behind-the-scenes photo of Gaetz filming a TV appearance. In the photo, the anti-Gay lawmaker can be seen wearing a suit jacket and tie from the waist down, and khaki shorts and sandals from the waist down.

“@Mattgaetz’s #FloridaMan vibes!” she tweeted.

Little was unaware of Luckey, less than 48 hours later his #FloridaMan would be the subject of a New York Times report alleging he had sex with a 17-year-old girl and paid for it. she travels with him.

Now people are warning her to get out of the relationship while she still can …

Here are some tips, young lady. Break up the engagement and launch #Underage # Under18IsACrimeInFlorida

– General Funk (@GeneralFunk) March 31, 2021

Is this how he also dresses for old dates of sexual misconduct?

– Kev (@electionofshyt) March 30, 2021

Still engaged?

– * you are (@ RKJ65) March 31, 2021

Oh he’s definitely “Florida Man”

– Isabella Rogers (@ Isabell59333021) March 31, 2021

Run girl run !!!!

– stella (@ stella67595946) March 31, 2021

Fortunately he is used to walking around in sandals because that’s all he will soon be allowed to wear.

– Coast Alitist (@PostCompletist) March 31, 2021

Oh darling.

– weegee56 ??‍♀️ #maskup (@ weegee56) March 30, 2021

I hear @RepMattGaetz going without pants when crossing borders with a minor.

– davidkayecomedy (@LaffWhileUCan) March 31, 2021

Get out while you can ginger.

– Alex (@ Blonndie313) March 31, 2021

Gaetz and Luckey first met last March at a Trump fundraiser held in Mar-a-Lago. They got engaged a few months later on a New Years Eve party at the club.

Luckey told the Daily Mail that his response to Gaetz’s proposal was: “Duh!” She also said the couple plan to tie the knot before 2024, but have yet to set a date.

It remains to be seen whether the wedding will take place now that her future husband is under investigation for minor sex crimes.

Luckey has not commented on the scandal or the current state of her relationship. Her Twitter page remains public (for now), but her Instagram page is set as private.

Here’s a video of the couple sharing their engagement story with right-wing media personality Gina Loudon.

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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