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Mel Gibson
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Age: 65 years old
Height: 177 cm
Born in: Peeskill, New York, USA
Born on: 03/01/1956


Mel Colmsille Gerard Gibson was born in January 1956, by his father Hutton Gibson, a former railway worker writer, theorist of sedevacantism, and an Irish mother; he is the sixth of eleven children. His family moves to Australia in 1968, also to save his children from compulsory conscription during the Vietnam War. Mel as a teenager attends a Catholic high school. He later studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts: in this period he met stage colleagues such as Geoffrey Rush is Judy Davis, and meets the cinema. His debut is in Summer City in 1977, while in the same year he began filming Interceptor (1979), beginning of the partnership with the director George Miller. This is the first Mad Max, which will have two sequels, one in 1981 (Interceptor – The road warrior) and in 1985 (Mad Max: Beyond the Thunder Ball). Meanwhile, in 1980 Mel married the nurse Robyn Denis Moore: she will have seven children, the last in 1999, and they will be together for over 25 years.

He is not alone George Miller to launch it among the stars: there are also Peter Weir, who directs him in the tragic war The broken years (1981) and in A year lived dangerously (1982), and there is Richard Donner. With Donner he chisels his legendary mad policeman Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon (four films shot in tandem with Danny Glover in 1987, 1989, 1992 and 1998), and it is always Donner who introduces him to the actress who still remains among his best friends, the Jodie Foster with which he plays in the western Maverick (1994).

Gascon and handsome, admired also thanks to roles like the one in The Bounty (1984), Gibson then becomes a Hollywood star since the mid-eighties, so much so that in 1985 magazine People he names him “sexiest man in the world“. Eager for new horizons, not wanting to remain confined to the parts of action, in 1989 he founded the Icon Productions and organizes theHamlet (1989) by Franco Zeffirelli, taking the opportunity to present itself in a different guise (even if, in a certain sense, always exuberant).

The step from producer to director would be short, but Mel gave in to temptation only in 1993, when he directed himself in The man without a face, playing a disfigured man, in an intimate drama. It is only a warm-up, because the main course comes later: in 1995 he breaks down any residual resistance from the public and critics with the epic Braveheart, produced, directed and performed by him in the iconic role of the Scottish rebel William Wallace in 13th century England. As a director he wins Oscar and Golden Globe, but the film itself also tears the statuette for best film, photography, sound editing and makeup, with nominations for screenplay, costumes, sound, editing and music. What is called a triumph. It’s a good time, as Gibson is named Best Actor at the Golden Globes shortly thereafter for his role as a desperate parent in the thriller. Ransom (1996) of Ron Howard.

In the second half of the nineties, the career of the Gibson actor seems to hold: he demonstrates that he knows how to make fun of himself with ironic noir Payback (1999), winks at Braveheart again in Patriot (2000) by Roland Emmerich, and takes away the satisfaction of another Golden Globe nomination for What Women Want (2000) by Nancy Meyers. In 2002 it is M. Night Shyamalan to offer him the part of an ex-man of faith struggling with a symbolic alien invasion in Signs (2002). As a director, however, Mel, giving up appearing in front of the camera, begins to define a fascination for sacrifice and physical immolation: Christ’s passion (2004), spoken in Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin with subtitles, makes a lot of discussion even with accusations of anti-Semitism, but it turns out to be a resounding success. The following Apocalypto (2006), about a boy who escapes human sacrifices in the decadent Maya empire, does not earn as much but confirms a rather clear authorial vision.

However, it was in 2006 that darkness began. In July it comes arrested while driving drunk in his car: he hurls racist and anti-Semitic insults against the policeman who stopped him and serves a sentence, assigned to social services for three months. His marriage is in crisis and three years later ends, when he begins a relationship with pianist Oksana Grigorieva: lasts only from 2009 to 2010, produces a daughter, but ends in the worst way, with her reporting him for mistreatment, providing as evidence a recording of an angry, misogynistic and racist explosion. Mel admits a difficult mental condition, is entrusted again to the social services for 36 months, working for his ex-wife Robyn’s charity, which publicly defends him. Already accused of homophobia and hyperconservative and bigoted attitudes in the past decades, Gibson is unofficially banned by Hollywood after the legal troubles, although he is supported by some friends and friends, including Whoopi Goldberg is Jodie Foster, who directs it next to him in the dramatic Mr. Beaver (2011): an interpretation that is all the more felt the more it takes on the theme of mental instability.

The career up to 2016 reflects the difficult situation in the public opinion, with secondary parts of survival, as in Machete Kills is The mercenaries 3. It is the direction of the war The Battle of Hacksaw Ridge (2016), starring Andrew Garfield, to raise Mel Gibson: le six 2017 Oscar nominations, including directing, are a clear sign of detente on the part of the establishment.

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